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Capturing The Picture Of The Hd Signal; (hd Frame Capture) - Sony BVMF170A Operation Manual

Professional video monitor.
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Capturing the Picture of
the HD Signal (HD Frame
The frame picture of the 3G/HD-SDI input signal is
captured and saved as a picture file in the "Memory Stick".
This is used to confirm the color tone and picture angle of
the current scene and recorded scene, or as the reference
picture to adjust the monitor.
To save the captured frame, we recommend using
"Memory Stick PRO (High-Speed)" or "Memory Stick
PRO Duo (High-Speed)".
• Use the controller with software version 1.6 or higher to
use the HD Frame Capture function.
• The file is saved in TIFF. The file size is a maximum of
13 MB.
• The picture file is captured or loaded without
• The saved file may not be opened due to the PC
application used.
• The HD Frame Capture function is effective only for the
3G/HD-SDI signal.
• The interlace input signal is captured in each frame (first
field (F=0) and second field (F=1)).
• The frame is not captured in the following cases:
– When Side by Side is set to On
– When Pixel Zoom is set to on
– When the internal signal is displayed
– When the input signal has no sync signal
– When the captured frame is displayed
• The HD Frame Capture function is not available on
BKM-15R and BVM-A14F5.
To capture
Insert the "Memory Stick" into the Memory Stick
insertion slot of the controller.
For details on the "Memory Stick", see
"Inserting/Ejecting the "Memory Stick"" on page
Display the picture and press the CAPTURE button of
the controller at the point on the picture to be captured.
The captured still picture appears on the display.
Save: ENTER Cancel: MENU
To hide characters on the monitor, set the CHAR OFF
button to on. As the characters are hidden, it becomes
easy to confirm the still picture. To display the
characters, set the CHAR OFF button to off.
Press the ENTER (Ent) button.
The display of the captured still picture is cleared and
saving in the "Memory Stick" of the captured frame
The "In progress
" is displayed and "
during data saving. (It may take some time to write the
The file of the captured frame is automatically named
and the file name is displayed on the screen during file
The monitor is not operated until the saving is
To load the captured frame
Press the Capture Load button
Load in the Capture menu (page 66) of the Function Setting
menu, and then the file name.
To cancel the captured frame display, select any one of
channel numbers 1 to 30.
1) Capture Load is assigned to a function button of the controller in the
Function Key menu (page 83) of the Controller menu.
Capturing the Picture of the HD Signal (HD Frame Capture)
" flashes
of the controller or select


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