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Sony BVMF170A Operation Manual Page 73

Professional video monitor.
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SDCP Port No
SDAP Port No
SDAP Broadcast
SDAP Broadcast Period
Acceptable IP Address
Reset Protocol Setting
Parallel Remote
Parallel Remote
1 Pin to 8 Pin
Function and operation ([
Sets the SDCP port number.
Set to 53434 to 53534. [53484]
Sets the SDAP port number.
Set to 53812 to 53912. [53862]
Sets whether or not to issue the SDAP (Disable or [Enable]).
Sets the period (seconds) to issue the SDAP.
Set to 05 to 30. [15]
Sets the IP address to connect.
When the item is selected, you can set IP1 to IP4.
Cancel: Cancels the changed or confirmed setting.
Confirm: Saves the changed or confirmed setting.
Resets the protocol setting.
When the item is selected, the following message appears.
Are you sure?
OK: To reset data, press the ENTER (Ent) button.
Cancel: To cancel, press the MENU button.
Sets the parallel remote function.
Selects whether or not to use the parallel remote functions. ([Off] or On)
Assigns the function to each pin of the PARALLEL REMOTE connector when Parallel Remote
is set to On.
The default assignment of functions is as follows:
1 Pin: [CH01]
2 Pin: [CH02]
3 Pin: [External Sync]
4 Pin: [Mono]
5 Pin: [Marker]
6 Pin: [unused]
7 Pin: [unused]
8 Pin: [Tally]
You can change the assignment to the following functions for pins 1 to 8.
The functions shown with item name only are the same as those assigned to the function
buttons on the controller.
For details on these functions, see "Function Key" (page 83) of the Controller menu.
Parallel Remote (1/5)
CH01 to 30: Selects a channel number. Enter the desired channel number with the
numeric buttons.
----: Unused
Under Scan,
Over Scan,
1) The scan mode is set to Normal Scan when Under Scan or Over Scan is off.
Parallel Remote (2/5)
Aperture, Mono, Blue Only, R Off, G Off, B Off, Chroma Up, Interlace
Tally: The function to turn on the tally lamp
Power Off: The monitor power function
Parallel Remote (3/5)
Marker, Aspect Marker, Area Marker 1, Area Marker 2, Center Marker, Aspect
Marker-Line, Aspect Blanking-Half, Aspect Blanking-Black
Parallel Remote (4/5)
Side by Side, Audio Level Meter, ALM Hold Reset, Time Code
Parallel Remote (5/5)
Difference, Checkerboard, L/R Switch, Horopter Check, Flip H
For the pin assignment, see "PARALLEL REMOTE connector" in Location and Function of
Parts on page 17 (BVM-F250A) or page 20 (BVM-F170A).
]: factory setting)
Native Scan, 16:9, H Delay, V Delay, External Sync,
System Configuration Menu


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