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Location And Function Of Parts; (bvm-f170a); Front Panel - Sony BVMF170A Operation Manual

Professional video monitor.
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Location and Function of Parts (BVM-F170A)

Front Panel

a Tally lamp
With factory settings, the tally lamp lights when pins No. 8
and No. 9 of the PARALLEL REMOTE connector on the
rear panel are shorted. By changing the setting in the
Parallel Remote menu (page 73) of the System
Configuration menu, different pins on the PARALLEL
REMOTE connector can be used to control the tally lamp.
b OPERATE lamp
When the MAIN POWER switch (on the rear panel) is
turned on, internal data initialization starts and the
OPERATE lamp flashes in red for a while. When the signal
is output, the lamp flashes in green to indicate that data
initialization continues. When initialization is finished and
the monitor enters its operation mode, the lamp lights in
The OPERATE lamp is lit in red when the monitor is in
standby mode. The monitor will be in standby mode under
the following conditions:
• Standby Mode is set to On in the Power menu (page 74)
of the System Configuration menu and the MAIN
POWER switch (on the rear panel) is turned on. (The
OPERATE lamp will flash for initialization after the
switch is turned on, then will light.)
• The monitor is changed from operation mode to standby
mode by external control.
Location and Function of Parts (BVM-F170A)
1 Tally lamp
2 OPERATE lamp
4 ECO lamp
Lights in green when the monitor is put into operation
mode from standby mode by pressing the MONITOR I/1
switch of the controller.
• When the OPERATE lamp is flashing in red, the monitor
cannot be put into operation mode. Wait until the lamp is
steadily lit.
• When the OPERATE lamp is flashing in green, the
monitor is not in full operation mode and images cannot
be displayed correctly. Wait until the lamp is steadily lit
in green.
The OPERATE lamp may indicate an error or warning.
For details, see "Error/warning display by the lamp"
(page 19).
Lights in amber when ABL (Automatic Brightness
Limiter) starts. Also lights in amber when the signal level
has exceeded the dynamic range of the signal processing
Decrease the contrast or brightness when the OVER
RANGE lamp is lit.


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