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Overview; Features; Options - Sony BVM-D32E1WA Maintenance Manual

Trinitron color video monitor.
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The BVM-D20F1U/D20F1E/D20F1A are 20-inch
Color Video Monitors. The BVM-
D24E1WU/D24E1WE/D24E1WA are 24-inch
Color Video Monitors. The BVM-
D32E1WU/D32E1WE/D32E1WA are 32-inch
Color Video Monitors. They are suitable
for television stations or video production houses,
where precise image reproduction is required.


The monitor supports the principal formats (480I/
480P/720P/1080I) for the digital broadcasts, NTSC
and PAL color systems, and a wide variety of signals
whose horizontal frequency is between 15 kHz and 45
High resolution picture tube
The HR Trinitron picture tube produces a clear, high
resolution image.
Resolution at the
grille pitch
center of the picture
0.3 mm
900 TV lines (4:3)
700 TV lines (16:9)
0.25-0.28 mm
1000 TV lines
(4:3, 16:9)
0.32-0.36 mm
1000 TV lines
(4:3, 16:9)
Separate control unit
Using a separate control unit reduces the space needed
for the equipment.
The monitor is controlled by a separate control unit,
such as an optional BKM-10R/11R Monitor Control
Unit or by daisy chain connections. The BVM-
D20F1U/D20F1E/D20F1A can be connected to the
BKM-10R via an optional BKM-32H Monitor Control
Unit Attachment Kit; the BVM-D24E1WU/
D24E1WE/D24E1WA via a BKM-34H.
1) 20-inch, 24-inch and 32-inch refer to the CRT size of the monitor.
For effective picture size, see "Specifications" on page 62.
2) Trinitron
is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
3) For details on the signal format, see "Available Signal Formats" on page 65.
Controlling monitor groups
Up to 32 monitors can be controlled from one control
unit by the RS-485 serial remote connections. You can
control individual monitors or monitor groups simply
by entering monitor address or group numbers. You
can also execute the same operation on all connected
monitors, or put all connected monitors into the same
setup and adjustment state.
Setup and adjustment with the Monitor
Memory Card
You can use an optional BKM-12Y Monitor Memory
Card to save and load monitor setup and adjustment
data via the BKM-10R/11R Monitor Control Unit. If
your system includes more than one monitor, you can
use the monitor memory cards to exchange data
between monitors. This makes it easy to put all
monitors in your system into the same setup and
adjustment state.
Auto chroma/phase and white balance
The chroma and phase of the decoder are
automatically adjusted with the auto chroma and phase
function and the color temperature is automatically
adjusted with the auto white balance function by using
the BKM-14L Auto Setup Probe, etc.
Safe area display
The safe area display function equipped as standard
displays the important image area.
Expandable input capability
The monitor is equipped with one channel of YP
GBR input connectors at the factory.
The input connector configuration can be easily
modified by simply inserting the optional decoder
adaptor or the input expansion adaptor into the input
option slot at the rear of the monitor. Up to four
adaptors can be installed.
Stable color temperature
The internal beam current feedback circuit maintains a
constant color temperature over long periods of time.
Blue-only mode convenient for monitoring
All three CRT cathodes can be driven with a blue
signal, producing a monochrome display. This mode
is convenient for chroma and phase adjustment, and
for monitoring VTR noise.
Matrix selection
The ITU-601, ITU-709 and SMPTE-240M matrix
modes can be selected for individual input signals.
Beam landing correction circuit (BVM-
D32E1WE/D32E1WA only)
The beam landing shift caused by the change in CRT
luminance and temperature, and that caused by the
earth's magnetism can be adjusted manually, or
automatically using the optional BKM-14L auto setup
Digital uniformity circuit (BVM-D24E1WU/
D32E1WA only)
Uniform white can be reproduced on every point of the
screen, even in the peripheral area, thanks to the built-
in digital uniformity circuit. The uniformity can be
adjusted to match the installation conditions of the
monitor. Automatic adjustment is also possible using
the optional BKM-14L auto setup probe.
Digital convergence circuit (BVM-D32E1WU/
D32E1WE/D32E1WA only)
Clear color can be reproduced on every point of the
screen, even in the peripheral area, thanks to the built-
in digital convergence circuit. The convergence can be
adjusted to match the installation conditions of the
Other features
• The monitor's various functions and operating
conditions can be set with on-screen menus.
• Compatible with the ISR (Interactive Status
Reporting) system.
• Has both RS-485 serial remote and relay contact
parallel remote control connectors.
• Built-in test signal generator for crosshatch, 100%
white signal, 20% gray signal, gray scale, and
PLUGE (Picture Line Up Generating Equipment).
• Built-in Caption Vision decoder.
• Pulse cross function for simultaneous checking of the
horizontal and vertical synchronization signals.
• Auto and manual degaussing.
• Built-in CRT protection circuit.
• The monitor may be mounted in an EIA-standard 19-
inch rack, using an optional BKM-30E20 Rack
Mount Kit (BVM-D20F1U/D20F1E/D20F1A only).
• The appearance of the monitor can be changed to
16:9 or 4:3 display by the replacement of a mask
(BVM-D20F1U/D20F1E/D20F1A only).


For external control
BKM-10R Monitor Control Unit
BKM-11R Monitor Control Unit
A controller, allowing you to control multiple monitors
from one control unit.
BKM-12Y Monitor Memory Card
Memory cards which can be read and written by the
BKM-14L Auto Setup Probe
A probe, allowing the automatic adjustment of this
monitor's color temperature.
For the BVM-D24E1WU/D24E1WE/D24E1WA/
D32E1WU/D32E1WE/D32E1WA, the probe is also
used for white uniformity adjustment.
For installation
BKM-30E20 Rack Mount Kit
Rack mount kit for mounting the BVM-D20F1U/
D20F1E/D20F1A in an EIA standard 19-inch rack.
BKM-32H Monitor Control Unit Attachment Kit
Assembly kit for attaching a BKM-10R Monitor
Control Unit to the BVM-D20F1U/D20F1E/D20F1A.
BKM-34H Monitor Control Unit Attachment Kit
Assembly kit for attaching a BKM-10R Monitor
Control Unit to the BVM-D24E1WU/D24E1WE/


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