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Auxiliary Setting Menu; Overview; Menu Function And Operation - Sony BVMF170A Operation Manual

Professional video monitor.
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Auxiliary Setting Menu


This menu is used for setting the monitor condition such as the aperture modification and decode mode.
When Auxiliary Setting is selected, the following menu is displayed.
iAuxiliary Setting
Native Scan Mode:
Aperture Value:
NTSC Comb Filter:
Filter Switch:
Peak White Control:

Menu Function and Operation

Native Scan Mode
Aperture Value
NTSC Comb Filter
Filter Switch
Peak White Control
Auxiliary Setting Menu
Function and operation ([
Sets the native scan mode.
[Aspect Correction]: Displaying an SD signal of non-square pixels (the number of H
pixels of the signal system is 720 or 1440) or a 640 × 480 SD signal of HDMI/DisplayPort
video by scaling processing of doubling for the V direction and correct aspect ratio for the
H direction and also optimizing and displaying a picture by modifying the aperture
coefficient value, filter coefficient value, etc.
×1: Input signal display without conversion
×2: Input signal display doubled
For selecting Aspect Correction, ×1 or ×2, see "Picture Display Size" on page 120.
• When an HD signal or the computer signal of HDMI/DisplayPort is input, the signal is
displayed in ×1 mode, even if the mode is set to Aspect Correction or ×2.
• When an SD signal from the BKM-229X is input and the number of the H pixels of the
signal system is 1440, the signal is displayed in ×2 mode, even if the mode is set to ×1.
• When you select Aspect Correction and set Native Scan to On for SD signal input, Aperture
is set to On (factory setting).
Sets the aperture modification value.
Sets to 000 to 200.
[090] (when the signal is displayed in Aspect Correction mode of the native display), [100]
(when the signal is displayed in mode other than Aspect Correction of the native display)
Sets the type of NTSC comb filter.
When the BKM-227W is installed, you can select the item.
You can select from [3Lines] or 3D.
3Lines: Y/C separation using line correlation (3 lines)
3D: Adaptive Y/C separation using frame correlation for judged still images, while using
line correction (2 lines) for judged motion pictures
Sets whether or not to turn on the Y/C separation filter ([Off] or On) when the picture is set to
monochrome mode.
When the BKM-227W is installed, you can select the item.
When the brightness or contrast is increased, using the brightness or contrast adjustment,
the picture may be clipped, because of the dynamic range of the circuit. Sets whether or not
to control the signal gain automatically according to the setting value of the brightness or
contrast, to prevent such clipping (Off or [On]).
]: factory setting)


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