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Sony BVMF170A Operation Manual Page 133

Professional video monitor.
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Before using a "Memory Stick Duo"/
"Memory Stick PRO Duo"
Write-protect tab
Use an object with
a pointed end to
set the switch.
Before using a "Memory Stick Micro"
Attach the M2 adaptor to the "Memory Stick Micro" to
insert into the slot of the controller.
• You cannot record or erase data when the write-protect
tab on the "Memory Stick" is set to LOCK.
• Image data may be damaged in the following cases:
– If you remove the "Memory Stick," or turn the power
off when the access lamp is lit or flashing
– If you use a "Memory Stick" near static electricity or
a magnetic field
• When writing in the memory area, do not put strong
pressure on the pen.
• We recommend backing up important data.
• Do not attach anything other than the supplied label to
the "Memory Stick" labeling position.
• Attach the label so that it does not stick out beyond the
labeling position.
• Carry and store the "Memory Stick" in its case.
• Do not touch the connector of the "Memory Stick" with
anything, including your finger or metallic objects.
• Do not strike, bend, or drop the "Memory Stick."
• Do not disassemble or modify the "Memory Stick."
• Do not allow the "Memory Stick" to get wet.
• Do not use or store the "Memory Stick" in a location that
– Extremely hot, such as in a car parked in the sun
– Under direct sunlight
– Very humid or subject to corrosive substances
• Do not insert multiple "Memory Stick" cards at the same
time. This may cause damage to the product.
• When you use "Memory Stick Duo"/"Memory Stick
PRO Duo" with this product, be sure to insert it in the
right direction. Inserting it in the wrong direction may
cause damages to the product.
• "Memory Stick Duo"/"Memory Stick PRO Duo"/
"Memory Stick Micro" and M2 duo size adaptor should
be kept away from small children to prevent them from
accidentally swallowing it.
• If the "Memory Stick Micro" attached to the M2 adaptor
• Up to 1000 files can be memorized in one "Memory
• Up to 20 characters can be used for the file name. When
• Use the machine and application corresponding to the
• When the data in the folder for the application software
"Memory Stick", "Memory Stick PRO", "Memory Stick
Duo", "Memory Stick PRO Duo", "Memory Stick
Micro", "M2" and
trademarks of Sony Corporation.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft
Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
It is against the copyright law to use any audio or picture
you recorded without prior consent of the copyright
holder. Accordingly, "Memory Stick" with content
protected image or data can be only used within the law.
is attached to the Memory Stick Duo adaptor and inserted
in the slot, the "Memory Stick Micro" may not function.
Stick". When more than 1000 files are created, the
warning "Too many files" is displayed. Delete an unused
file using Delete (page 66) in the Capture menu of the
Function Setting menu, or the Delete menu (page 79) of
the File Management menu, or using the machine and
application corresponding to the "Memory Stick".
more than 20 characters are used for the file name, the
file is not displayed.
"Memory Stick" for initialization of the "Memory
Stick". When Windows Explorer is used for
initialization, a format error is caused and the "Memory
Stick" is not usable for the monitor.
is copied or edited with the function of Windows, the
data may not be reproduced.
are trademarks or registered
Inserting/Ejecting the "Memory Stick"


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