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Inserting/ejecting The "memory Stick; Notes On "memory Stick - Sony BVMF170A Operation Manual

Professional video monitor.
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Inserting/Ejecting the
"Memory Stick"
The BKM-16R Monitor Control Unit has a slot that can
take both standard size and Duo size. All products with a
slot such as this are equipped with a system which
automatically measures the size of an inserted medium.
For this reason, both the standard-size "Memory Stick"/
"Memory Stick PRO" and smaller "Memory Stick Duo"/
"Memory Stick PRO Duo" can be used with this product
without a Memory Stick Duo adaptor.
When an M2 adaptor is attached, you can use a "Memory
Stick Micro" ("M2")
Proceed as illustrated to insert and eject an optional
"Memory Stick".
See each menu for information about operations on
"Memory Stick" data.
1) "M2" is an abbreviation for "Memory Stick Micro".
Do not eject the "Memory Stick" while data is being saved
or loaded.
To insert the "Memory Stick"
Memory Stick insertion slot
• "Memory Stick Duo"/"Memory Stick PRO Duo" can be
used without a Memory Stick Duo adaptor.
• When you use a "Memory Stick Micro", do so after
attaching the M2 adaptor (optional).
• When the "Memory Stick Micro" is inserted without the
M2 adaptor, the "Memory Stick Micro" may not be
removed from the unit.
• Be sure to insert the "Memory Stick" in the correct
direction. Forcing the "Memory Stick" in the wrong way
may damage it.
• Insert only the "Memory Stick" into the Memory Stick
insertion slot. Attempting to insert other objects into the
Memory Stick insertion slot may damage the product.

Inserting/Ejecting the "Memory Stick"

Insert the "Memory Stick" facing
the arrow mark upward.
To eject the "Memory Stick"
1 Confirm that the access lamp does
not flash.
2 Press the "Memory Stick",
and it is ejected.

Notes on "Memory Stick"

Available types of "Memory Stick"
• "Memory Stick", "Memory Stick PRO", "Memory Stick
Duo", "Memory Stick PRO Duo" and "Memory Stick
Micro" are used for the BKM-16R.
• The data displayed on this unit is not protected by the
MagicGate copyright protection technology because the
BKM-16R is not compliant with the "MagicGate"
• Prepare "Memory Stick PRO (High-Speed)" or
"Memory Stick PRO Duo (High-Speed)" for using the
HD frame capture function (page 93).
• Although an operation check of this product has been
performed with a "Memory Stick" of up to 8 GB, please
note that operation is not guaranteed for every type of
"Memory Stick".
Note on data read/write speed
Data read/write speed may vary depending on the
combination of the "Memory Stick" and "Memory Stick"
compliant product you use.
What is MagicGate?
MagicGate is copyright protection technology developed
by Sony Corporation.
Before using a "Memory Stick"/"Memory
Stick PRO"
Write-protect tab
Labeling position


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