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NEC Express5800/320Lb/320Lb-R
User's Guide (Setup
2nd Edition
Updated 04-2005



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  • Page 1

    N8800-048F/049F NEC Express5800/320Lb/320Lb-R User's Guide (Setup 2nd Edition Updated 04-2005 856-123741-001-B...

  • Page 2

    The NEC product(s) discussed in this document are warranted in accordance with the terms of the Warranty Statement accompanying each product. However, actual performance of each such product is dependent upon factors such as system configuration, customer data, and operator control.

  • Page 3: Safety Indications

    Keep this User's Guide handy for quick reference when necessary. SAFETY INDICATIONS To use NEC Express5800 Series safely, follow the instructions in this User's Guide. This guide explains components that pose a danger, types of dangers caused by failing to follow the instructions, and actions taken to prevent them;...

  • Page 4

    Symbols and its descriptions used in this User’s Guide and warning labels are as follows: Attention Indicates a risk of an electric shock. Indicates a risk of an injury due to heat. Indicates a risk of catching your fingers. Indicates a risk of a fire or smoke. Indicates a general precaution or warning that are not defined herein.

  • Page 5

    NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

  • Page 6

    Trademarks NEC EXPRESSBUILDER, NEC ESMPRO, and NEC Express5800/ft series are trademarks of NEC Corporation. Stratus is a registered trademark of Stratus Technologies Bermuda Ltd. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Server, Windows NT, and MS-DOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

  • Page 7

    (5) NEC assumes no liability arising from the use of this product, nor any liability for incidental or consequential damage arising from the use of this manual regardless of (4) above.

  • Page 8: About This User's Guide

    ABOUT THIS USER'S GUIDE This User's Guide helps a user to properly setup and use the product. Consult this guide when you set up the product. Keep this manual and the separate volume of User’s guide handy. This User's Guide is intended for users who have a good knowledge on the basic use of Windows operating systems and general I/O devices such as a keyboard and mouse.

  • Page 9

    Additional symbols The following symbols are used throughout this User's Guide in addition to the caution symbols describe at the beginning. Important points or instructions to keep in mind when using the IMPORTANT: server or software Something you need to make sure when using the server of CHECK: software Helpful information, something useful to know...

  • Page 11: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS SAFETY INDICATIONS........................iii PREFACE............................vii ABOUT THIS USER'S GUIDE....................... ii CONTENTS............................v CHAPTER 1 BEFORE STARTING SETUP..............1-1 NOTES FOR SAFE HANDLING....................1-2 Tower Model ..........................1-2 Rack-mount Model ........................1-4 PCI/CPU Modules ........................1-6 PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFETY ....................1-7 General ............................1-7 Use of Power Supply and Power Cord ..................1-9 Installation, Relocation, Storage and Connection..............1-10 Cleaning and Handling of Internal Devices................1-12 During Operation........................1-13...

  • Page 12

    SETTING UP PCS ON A NETWORK ..................4-21 CONFIRMATION OF THE ft CONTROL SOFTWARE VERSION........4-23 CHAPTER 5 TROUBLESHOOTING................5-1 SYSTEM REPAIR .........................5-2 Preparation..........................5-2 Starting up Recovery Console....................5-4 Updating the System ........................5-9 TROUBLESHOOTING.......................5-17 Problems with NEC EXPRESSBUILDER ................5-17 Problems with NEC Express5800 ft series Setup ..............5-18...

  • Page 13: Chapter 1 Before Starting Setup

    Chapter 1 Before Starting Setup This chapter includes information necessary for proper and safe operation of the server, the main unit and its accessories. Go through this chapter before you start setup of the product.

  • Page 14: Notes For Safe Handling

    Before Starting Setup NOTES FOR SAFE HANDLING The following section describes necessary information to use the product properly and safely. Warning Labels Warning labels are placed in certain parts of the system so that the user stays alert to possible risks (Do not remove or damage these labels).

  • Page 15

    Before Starting Setup Label A Label B Label C Label D Label E CAUTION This unit uses multiple power supply cords. Disconnect all power supply cords prior to Servicing this system...

  • Page 16: Rack-mount Model

    Before Starting Setup Rack-mount Model Label A Label B Label C Label E Label D...

  • Page 17

    Before Starting Setup Label A Label B Label C Label D Label E CAUTION This unit uses multiple power supply cords. Disconnect all power supply cords prior to Servicing this system...

  • Page 18: Pci/cpu Modules

    Before Starting Setup PCI/CPU Modules PCI Module Label A CPU Module Label A Label A...

  • Page 19: Precautions For Safety

    NEC assumes no liability for any accidents or damage to physical assets resulting from the use of this equipment in such systems or facilities.

  • Page 20

    Before Starting Setup CAUTION Prevent water or foreign objects from getting into the equipment. Do not let water or foreign objects (e.g., pins or paper clips) enter the equipment. There is a risk of a fire, electric shock, and breakdown. When such things accidentally enter the equipment, immediately turn off the power and unplug the cord.

  • Page 21: Use Of Power Supply And Power Cord

    Before Starting Setup Use of Power Supply and Power Cord WARNING Do not handle a power plug with a wet hand. Do not plug/unplug a power cord with a wet hand. There is a risk of an electric shock. Do not connect the ground wire to a gas pipe. Never connect the ground wire to a gas pipe.

  • Page 22: Installation, Relocation, Storage And Connection

    1-10 Before Starting Setup Installation, Relocation, Storage and Connection WARNING Disconnect the power cord(s) before installing or removing the equipment. Be sure to power off the equipment and unplug its power cords from the wall outlet before installation/relocation. All voltage is removed only when the power cords are unplugged.

  • Page 23

    Do not use any non-designated interface cable. Use only interface cables designated by NEC; identify which component or connector to attach beforehand. If you use a wrong cable or make a wrong connection, there is a risk of short-circuit that could lead to a fire.

  • Page 24: Cleaning And Handling Of Internal Devices

    1-12 Before Starting Setup Cleaning and Handling of Internal Devices WARNING Do not disassemble, repair, or alter the server. Unless described herein, never attempt to disassemble, repair, or alter the equipment. There is a risk of an electric shock or fire as well as malfunction. Do not look into the CD-ROM drive The CD-ROM drive uses a laser beam.

  • Page 25: During Operation

    Before Starting Setup 1-13 During Operation CAUTION Do not pull out a device during operation. Do not pull out or remove a device while it works. There is a risk of malfunction and injuries. Do not touch the fan. While the equipment is on, be careful not to get your fingers or hair caught in the cooling fan that is located in the back.

  • Page 26: Rack-mount Model

    1-14 Before Starting Setup Rack-mount Model CAUTION Do not attempt to install the server yourself. To avoid a risk of injuries, users should not attempt to install the equipment into a rack. Installation should be performed by trained maintenance personnel. <...

  • Page 27: Unpackaging

    Keep the accessories in a safe place. You will need them when you perform setup, addition of options, or replacement of failed components. To check NEC EXPRESSBUILDER components, see the attached list. Be sure to fill out and mail the software registration card that is attached to your operating system.

  • Page 28

    1-16 Before Starting Setup...

  • Page 29: Chapter 2 Setup

    Chapter 2 Setup This chapter describes the requirements to use the product properly and safely, the setup procedures to make NEC Express5800/ft series ready for use, and how to connect peripherals.

  • Page 30: Installation

    INSTALLATION This section describes installation of NEC Express5800/ft series. Tower Model IMPORTANT: NEC Express5800/ft series is a precision instrument. You should ask maintenance personnel to install it. Select a suitable site for tower model. CAUTION Observe the following instructions to use the equipment safely. Failure to follow these instructions could cause a burn, injury, or damage to physical assets.

  • Page 31

    Setup Do not install NEC Express5800/ft series in such places as listed below. Otherwise, the server may malfunction. Place where temperatures change widely (near a heater, air conditioner, or refrigerator). Place that is subject to intense vibration. Place where corrosive gas (sodium chloride, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, or ozone) is generated, or a place that is close to chemicals or exposed to chemicals.

  • Page 32

    Setup After fastening the main cabinet, open its front bezel to mount the CPU and PCI modules. For details, see the following section “Installation of Rack-mount Model.” Procedures are basically the same for the tower model except that its modules are mounted vertically instead of horizontally. IMPORTANT: Follow the procedures below to install the CPU and PCI modules.

  • Page 33: Installation Of Rack-mount Model

    Setup Installation of Rack-mount Model You can mount NEC Express5800/ft series on a rack that conforms to the EIA standards. IMPORTANT: NEC Express5800/ft series is a precision instrument. You should ask maintenance personnel to install it. To install a rack, contact your sales agent or maintenance personnel.

  • Page 34

    Do not leave two or more devices pulled out from the rack. Do not install excessive wiring. Do not install NEC Express5800/ft series in such places as listed below. Otherwise, the server may malfunction. Place where you cannot pull out the components fully.

  • Page 35

    When the operating temperatures of NEC Express5800/ft series (10° to 35°C) are exceeded, there is a risk of malfunction. You must take adequate precautions and measures for airflow inside the rack as well...

  • Page 36: Connection

    To connect a third-party peripheral device or interface cable to the server, check with your sales agent to see if they are compatible with NEC Express5800/ft series. Some third-party devices may not be used with the server.

  • Page 37

    Setup A tower model is shown here for convenience of explanation. However, the steps are the same for a rack-mount model except that its modules are mounted horizontally. IMPORTANT: Place the USB floppy disk drive on top of the tower cabinet. However, to place it on a rack-mount model, put a distance of one unit between the disk drive and the module.

  • Page 38

    2-10 Setup After connecting cables to PCI modules, secure them with the cable ties. When completing connection to peripheral equipment, connect the two provided power cords to the server. After that, secure the cables with the cable tie provided in the server. Connect the plug at the other end of the power cord to a wall outlet with parallel double-pole grounds provided or to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

  • Page 39

    Setup 2-11 Select [System Hardware] → [AC-LINK] on the BIOS setup utility and change parameters. See the separate volume of User’s Guide for details. < Example>...

  • Page 40

    2-12 Setup (This page is intentionally left blank.)

  • Page 41: Chapter 3 Windows Setup

    Chapter 3 Windows Setup This chapter describes procedures for switching boot monitoring function, setup, installing Windows, setting dual LAN configuration, setting dual disk configuration and so on.

  • Page 42: Switching Boot Monitoring Function ~changing Bios Settings

    If the power cord is connected to a power controller like a UPS, make sure that it is CHECK: powered on. When the AC power of the NEC Express5800/ft series is turned on, after the power is TIPS: supplied, BMC is synchronized between the PCI modules. Upon the completion of the BMC synchronization, the POWER lamp of either PCI module will be lit.

  • Page 43

    After a while, the "NEC" logo will appear on the screen. While the "NEC" logo is displayed on the screen, NEC Express5800/ft series is performing a power-on self test (POST) to check itself. For details, see the separate volume of User’s Guide.

  • Page 44

    3-4 Windows Setup 4. When the message “Press <F2> to enter SETUP” or “Press <F2> to enter SETUP or Press <F12> to Network” on the display screen, press F2. The BIOS Setup Utility “SETUP” starts and the Main menu is displayed on the screen. 5.

  • Page 45

    Windows Setup 3-5 6. Move the cursor onto “Monitoring Configuration” and press Enter. The Monitoring Configuration submenu appears. 7. Move the cursor onto “Boot Monitoring” and press Enter. Parameters will be displayed. 8. Among the parameters, choose “Disable” and press Enter. The current display of the configuration for Boot Monitoring will be changed to “Disabled”.

  • Page 46

    3-6 Windows Setup 9. Move the cursor onto "Exit" to display the Exit menu. 10. Move the cursor onto “Save Changes & Exit” and press Enter. The confirmation window will appear. 11. Select “Yes” and press Enter. After the configuration data is saved and SETUP is terminated, the system is rebooted. This is the end of steps for switching boot monitoring function.

  • Page 47: Installing Windows Server 2003

    IMPORTANT: maintenance personnel to install it. The ft series setup program is exclusively used for the NEC Express5800/ft series. To execute the setup program, simply select the item [Setup] from the menu displayed when starting the system through the provided CD-ROM "NEC EXPRESSBUILDER.” The setup program automatically performs the complete setups from hardware internal parameter/status settings to installation of the operating system (Windows Server 2003) and various utilities.

  • Page 48

    In the case of ft series setup, you need to create a partition of 3072MB or more to perform TIPS: auto installation. About Auto Installation of Utilities The ft series setup installs the following utilities automatically. • NEC ESMPRO Agent...

  • Page 49: Setup Flow

    Windows Setup 3-9 Setup Flow The following flow-chart illustrates the flow of the setup procedures for the NEC Express5800/320Lb and 320Lb-R servers. Configure BIOS settings Installing Windows Server 2003 Prepare for ft series setup Run [Setup] from NEC EXPRESSBUILDER top menu...

  • Page 50

    The following explains the setup procedure using the ft series setup program: IMPORTANT: Do not to apply service packs to NEC Express5800/ft series based on your judgment. If you desire to apply service packs, contact your sales agent about application status and apply service packs to NEC Express5800/ft series.

  • Page 51

    11. When restarting process starts, remove the ROM-DOS startup disk from the floppy disk drive and power off. Initialization of hard disks is completed. Start the preparation of NEC Express5800/ft series. Preparing NEC Express5800/ft series While the power of NEC Express5800/ft series is off, follow the steps below: 1.

  • Page 52

    3-12 Windows Setup IMPORTANT: Do not mount any hard disk into the slots of PCI module for Group2. If multiple hard disks are mounted, the disk to be the install destination cannot be determined. 2. Make the PCI module for Group1 primary. The location of the parts required for operations and check are shown below.

  • Page 53

    Rack-mount model <When the AC power is off> (The power cord is not plugged into the wall outlet.) Connect the power cord to NEC Express5800/ft series in the following order: Connect the power cord to the AC inlet B (for Group1) Connect the power cord to the AC inlet A (for Group2) Confirm that the POWER switch of the PCI module for Group1 is illuminated.

  • Page 54

    3-14 Windows Setup Make sure that the two BMC status LEDs of the PCI modules (for Group1/for Group2) are turned off. IMPORTANT: While the BMC status LED is red and blinking, do not perform steps (3) and on. Otherwise the BMC firmware may become damaged. Remove the power cord of the AC inlet A (for Group2).

  • Page 55

    3. When having inserted the CD-ROM correctly, reset the system (press Ctrl, Alt and Delete together), or turn the power off and then turn it on to restart the NEC Express5800/ft series. The system starts through the CD-ROM, and NEC EXPRESSBUILDER is activated.

  • Page 56

    When the disk initialization is complete, the NEC Express5800/ft series automatically restarts. After the NEC Express5800/ft series is restarted, the following message appears and starts formatting the hard disk drive:. The message “The system will be rebooted.” appears on the screen momentarily. The CHECK server will restart automatically so do not perform any operations.

  • Page 57

    Make sure to remove the CD-ROM from the CD-ROM drive. If the machine IMPORTANT: starts up with the CD-ROM inside, the system will be started up from the CD-ROM and NEC EXPRESSBUILDER will be started. 8. When the NEC Express5800/ft series is restarted, the following message will appear.

  • Page 58

    3-18 Windows Setup Insert the “ft Update CD” into the CD-ROM drive and press Enter. If you have an additional ft Update CD and wish to use it, insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. Use an additional ft Update CD?[Y,N]? Insert the ft Update CD into the CD-ROM drive and press ENTER.

  • Page 59

    14. When “Y” is entered in step 8, the following message will appear. Wait for about 3 minutes until copying is completed. Copying necessary NEC Express5800/ft series system software to the system drive... Approximately 3 minutes. Necessary NEC Express5800/ft series software has been copied.

  • Page 60

    3-20 Windows Setup 16. When message for inputting Windows Server 2003 product ID appears, enter the product ID. Input the WindowsServer2003 ProductID. Note: Hyphens must be inserted. Input example: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX ProductID? 17. The confirmation message for input Windows Server 2003 product ID will appear. When it is correct, enter “Y”.

  • Page 61

    Follow the instruction on the screen, insert appropriate CD-ROM and press any key. Microsoft HotFix will be copied to the Hard Disk. - If you are using only the NEC EXPRESSBUILDER for ft series setup, insert the NEC EXPRESSBUILDER to the CD-ROM drive, and press any key to continue the installation process.

  • Page 62

    Do not perform any operations until the “Windows Setup Wizard” in step 37 is displayed. During the automatic installation process (steps 26 to 36) NEC Express/ft series restarts several times for setup until the “Windows Setup Wizard” starts.

  • Page 63

    Windows Setup 3-23 automatically. There is no user intervension. The following settings are made automatically: [Collecting information]→[Dynamic Update]→[Preparing installation]→ [Installing Windows]→[Finalizing installation] When restarting, the message “Press any key to boot from CD.” will appear, IMPORTANT: but do not perform any operations. 29.

  • Page 64

    PCI boards will not be duplicated properly. If this happens, you need to start over the ft series setup. 32. The following screen will appear and installation of NEC ESMPRO Agent will be started. The NEC ESMPRO Agent install wizard starts up and installation is done automatically. Do not...

  • Page 65

    *** Installing [PROSET II] *** *** Installing [SRAPS] *** *** Installing [mof file] *** *** Installing [Stratus Debug Print Driver] *** *** Installing [NEC ESMPRO Agent] *** *** Installing [Express Report Service] *** *** Installing [BMCTOOL] *** *** Setting [Configuration of ft dump] ***...

  • Page 66

    3-26 Windows Setup 35. After installation of Windows HotFix is complete, installation is continued. Do not perform any operations. When the NEC Express5800/ft series software is installed, the NEC Express5800/ft series will be restarted automatically. Express5800/ft series clear installation ** Please do not perform any operations.

  • Page 67

    NEC Express5800/ft series ft Update CD-ROM. - ft control software (Ver:n.n) update module Although NEC ESMPRO Agent is automatically installed at ft series setup, the latest module is not applied. You need to apply an update module separately from NEC Express5800/ft series ft Update...

  • Page 68: Setting Dual Lan Configuration

    3-28 Windows Setup SETTING DUAL LAN CONFIGURATION The NEC Express5800/ft series builds a dual LAN configuration by using "Stratus emb-82559 10/100 Enet Adapter" (100Base) and "Stratus emb-82544GC Copper Gigabit Adapter" (1000Base) mounted as standard on the PCI module. TIPS: This is a configuration which is required only when the keyboard is connected via SSU at reinstallation.

  • Page 69

    Windows Setup 3-29 Select [Stratus emb-82559 10/100 Enet Adapter] from Network Component Tree. The pop-up menu appears. Select [Add to Team] → [Team #1: Adaptive Fault Tolerance Mode], and add the adapters. You will see the warning message when you add the team. You can ignore this warning message by clicking [OK].

  • Page 70: Setting Dual Disk Configuration

    3-30 Windows Setup SETTING DUAL DISK CONFIGURATION NEC Express 5800/ft series secures data by mirroring disks. Be sure to make dual disk settings. To set dual disk configuration, log on as "Administrator" or a member of the group TIPS: "Administrators".

  • Page 71

    Windows Setup 3-31 Confirm that the disk to be converted is the disk where the system is installed and click [Convert]. If the selected disk contains a system partition, you will have to restart the computer to complete the upgrade of the disk. The message also states that file systems on any of the disks to be upgraded will be forcedly dismounted.

  • Page 72

    3-32 Windows Setup If the inserted disk is not a dynamic disk, right-click the disk and perform “Convert to Dynamic Disk…”. Right-click the dynamic disk volume for creating mirror and click [Add Mirror…]. IMPORTANT: When you click [Add Mirror…], the [Logical Disk Manager] dialog box will appear, but this is not an error.

  • Page 73: Switching Boot Monitoring Function

    Windows Setup 3-33 SWITCHING BOOT MONITORING FUNCTION Enable the “Boot Monitoring” setting which has been disabled in “SWITCHING BOOT MONITORING FUNCTION ~CHANGING BIOS SETTINGS~” (page 3-2). See “SWITCHING BOOT MONITORING FUNCTION ~CHANGING BIOS SETTINGS~” (page 3-2) and change the setting to “Enabled”.

  • Page 74

    3-34 Windows Setup...

  • Page 75: Chapter 4 Procedures After Completion Of Installation

    Chapter 4 Procedures after Completion of Installation This chapter describes what you do after installation including setup for failure management, how you install management utilities, how you back up system information, and setup of PCs on the network. You may need to confirm these procedures while the system is running.

  • Page 76: Setup For Failure Management

    Procedures after Completion of Installation SETUP FOR FAILURE MANAGEMENT Make the following settings beforehand to ensure quick recovery from failure. Setting Memory Dump (Debug Information) This section explains the setting for collecting memory dump (debug information) in the server. IMPORTANT: Notes on memory dump The maintenance personnel designated by your sales agent are responsible for collecting memory dump.

  • Page 77

    2GB, specify [Kernel Memory Dump]; you canno specify [Full Memory Dump Specify a drive which has a free space of the size of memory in the NEC Express5800/ft series + 12MB or more. If the memory will be expanded to larger than 2 GB, change Write Debugging Information to [Kernel Memory Dump] before expanding the memory.

  • Page 78

    Procedures after Completion of Installation Click [Settings] in the [Performance] box. The [Performance Options] window appears. Click the [Advanced] tab on the [Performance Options] window. Click [Change] in the [Virtual memory] box.

  • Page 79

    Procedures after Completion of Installation Change the value set for [Initial Size] in the [Paging file size for selected drive] box to the [Recommended] value or more, and then click [Set]. IMPORTANT: Be sure to create the file in the above size in the OS partition. If a value smaller than the [Recommended] value is set for [Initial Size] of the paging file, accurate debu information (memory dump) may not be collected For the [Recommended] value, see "Size of the Partition to be Created"...

  • Page 80: Setting Dr. Watson

    Setting Dr. Watson Dr. Watson of Windows 2003 is a debugger for application errors. When detecting an application error, Dr. Watson diagnoses the NEC Express5800/ft series, and records the diagnostic information (log). Take the following steps to collect diagnostic information: Click [Start] →...

  • Page 81: Installing A Network Monitor

    Procedures after Completion of Installation Installing a Network Monitor A network monitor is useful for examining the causes of network failures and taking the countermeasures. To use the network monitor, you need to restart the system after the installation. It is recommended to install the network monitor before a failure occurs.

  • Page 82: Installing Management Utilities

    (management PC) that manages the NEC Express5800/ft series. NEC ESMPRO Agent NEC ESMPRO Agent is automatically installed by executing the "ft series setup program.” (It has been installed on the hard disk of a pre-installed model at shipment.) Click [Start] → [Programs], and make sure that the installed utility folder exists. If it has not been installed while setting up the ft series, install it separately.

  • Page 83

    Procedures after Completion of Installation For details on the set items, see the online help displayed by clicking on [Help].

  • Page 84

    Software Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Preparation before Setup Be sure to read the following description before system installation or setup. To operate NEC ESMPRO Agent, you need to make settings of TCP/IP and the SNMP of components associated with TCP/IP. TCP/IP Setting See the Help started from the Start menu for how to set TCP/IP.

  • Page 85

    To receive trap from NEC ESMPRO Agent at the NEC ESMPRO Manager machine, both community names should be the sam Click the [Add...] button in [Trap destinations]. After entering the IP address of the NEC ESMPRO Manager machine of the send destination in the [Host name, IP or IPX address] box, click the [Add] button.

  • Page 86: System Update

    NEC EXPRESSBUILDER CD-ROM shipped with the system to update the system. (see page 5-11). If necipmi.sys is not installed yet, the message shown below appears and the setup of NEC ESMPRO Agent is suspended. "NEC ESMPRO Agent requires the following file.

  • Page 87

    Procedures after Completion of Installation 4-13 Installation NEC ESMPRO Agent is automatically installed together with the installation or re-installation of the NEC Express5800/ft series. NEC ESMPRO Agent may be installed manually on the master control menu of NEC EXPRESSBUILDER as follows: Login to the system with user name “Administrator.”...

  • Page 88

    Select the machine to install from the list. Enter the path in which NEC ESMPRO Agent is installed and click the [Next] button. The NEC ESMPRO Agent module is installed below the \ESM directory of the root partition in default.

  • Page 89

    [Start] button, [Setting], and [Control Panel] sequentially to open the [Control Panel]. If you double-click the [NEC ESMPRO Agent] icon in [Control Panel], the property dialog box will appear. Modify the setting of each sheet in the dialog box to be fit to the used environment. The notes on setup and the necessary information are explained in “Supplement”...

  • Page 90

    "Task Manager" or other operation. Then uninstall NEC ESMPRO Agent after the system is started completely. With use of NEC EXPRESSBUILDER: Make the main menu of the NEC ESMPRO setup appear by referring to the section "Install" in this document. Click [NEC ESMPRO Agent].

  • Page 91

    4-17 Uninstallation of BMC Configuration and BMC FW Update Service If NEC ESMPRO Agent is installed, the uninstaller of the BMC configuration and that of NEC BMC FW Update Service are registered. The use of these uninstallers allows the BMC configuration and NEC BMC FW Update Service to be...

  • Page 92: Nec Esmpro Manager

    When a failing module in the server is to be replaced, NEC ESMPRO Manager enables logical module disconnection from the server and logical installation after module replacement. For the installation of NEC ESMPRO Manager and notes on the operation, see Chapter 5 in User’s Guide.

  • Page 93

    The servers that can be maintained remotely by NEC MWA Servers which the User’s Guide provided with NEC Express5800/ft series includes descriptions of NEC MWA. The servers are equipped with RomPilot or BMC. This product is has with BMC (IPMI1.0) and RomPilot.

  • Page 94: Backup Of System Information

    Take the following steps to make a backup copy of the system information: Get a 3.5-inch floppy disk. Insert the "NEC EXPRESSBUILDER" CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive of the server, and restart the system. NEC EXPRESSBUILDER is activated and the [NEC EXPRESSBUILDER Top Menu] is displayed.

  • Page 95: Setting Up Pcs On A Network

    FTREG.EXE This setting is to avoid a timeout caused by non-communication state between the NEC Express5800/ft series and computers connected by the LAN protocol that may occur immediately after the NEC Express5800/ft series startup or a CPU module reinstallation (dual processing).

  • Page 96

    4-22 Procedures after Completion of Installation Because minimum non-communication time is momentary regardless of size of the memory installed, it will not be considered as non-communication. Maximum non-communication time by the memory size is as follows: Memory size Non-communication time 256MB About 3.1 seconds 512MB...

  • Page 97: Confirmation Of The Ft Control Software Version

    The following describes how to check the version of ft control software, which consists of various types of software for fault tolerance. Perform the procedure when you need to check the ft control software version of the current system before adding units or attachment to NEC Express5800/ft series.

  • Page 98

    4-24 Procedures after Completion of Installation About Service Pack Customers should not apply service pack on NEC Express5800/ft series by themselves. IMPORTANT: If you want to apply service pack, contact your sales agent about the application status and apply service pack on NEC Express5800/ft series.

  • Page 99: Chapter 5 Troubleshooting

    Chapter 5 Troubleshooting This chapter describes what to do when files needed to operate the OS are damaged and any trouble occur on the product.

  • Page 100: System Repair

    Chapter 3. Insert the NEC EXPRESSBUILDER CD-ROM into the drive of the server. Then, reset (pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete) or power off/on NEC Express5800/ft series to reboot it. The system will start up from the CD-ROM to start NEC EXPRESSBUILDER.

  • Page 101

    You can also create a “Windows Server 2003 OEM-DISK for NEC EXPRESSBUILDER” by the steps below: Prepare a 3.5-inch floppy disk. Insert the NEC EXPRESSBUILDER CD-ROM into the drive of a computer that runs Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000/NT or Windows 95/98/Me. From [Setup], select [Make OEM-Disk].

  • Page 102: Starting Up Recovery Console

    Start up Recovery Console from the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM. Installing Recovery Console on the system Start up the NEC Express5800/ft series and log on to Windows Server 2003. Insert the Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM into the drive. From [Start] of the taskbar, select [Run...] to run CD-ROM drive:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons /syspart:c: /tempdrive:c:...

  • Page 103

    (b) When the CD is set, reset the system (press Ctrl + Alt + Delete) or press the power switch to power off and on to reboot the NEC Express5800/ft series. (c) When the following message appears, press any key to start up from the CD-ROM.

  • Page 104

    5-6 Troubleshooting (b) Insert the Windows Server 2003 OEM-DISK for NEC EXPRESSBUILDER into the floppy disk drive, and then press the [Enter] key. (c) Specify HAL in the floppy disk, and press the [Enter] key. When the screen to select SCSI drivers appears, follow the steps below.

  • Page 105

    IMPORTANT: There are more than one SCSI drivers in Windows Server 2003 OEM-DISK for NEC EXPRESSBUILDER. Repeat procedures from (a) to (c) in the step 4 to select all SCSI drivers in the floppy disk shown on the screen. When you start up Recovery Console installed on the system, the screen becomes black for a while before the screen described in the step 6 appears.

  • Page 106

    5-8 Troubleshooting When you start up Recover Console from Windows Server 2003 CD-ROM, the following message appears. Press the R key to boot Recover Console. Welcome to Setup. This portion of the Setup program prepares Microsoft(R) Windows(R) to run on your computer. - To set up Windows now, press ENTER.

  • Page 107: Updating The System

    Troubleshooting Updating the System IMPORTANT: NEC Express5800/ft series is a precision instrument. You should ask maintenance personnel to update the system. You will need to update the system after you repair the system using Recovery Console. IMPORTANT: Make sure to follow the steps below when you have restored the system by using Recovery Console.

  • Page 108

    <For option board > Status AA-U51500 10/100 Enet Adapter (100BASE-TX) Status AA-U57000 Fiber Gigabit Adapter (1000 BASE-SX) NEC 8490 XT Copper Gigabit Adapter (1000 BASE-T) You will then see the dialogue box on the right of this paragraph. This is...

  • Page 109

    Troubleshooting 5-11 5) Click [OK] button on [I ntel PROSet II] dialog box, close it, and make a setup effective. The dual LAN will be canceled. Uninstallation of Intel(R) PROSet II 1) Click [Start]-[Settings]-[Control Panel]. And then, the [Control Panel] dia log box will be displayed.

  • Page 110

    If you do not have NEC Express5800/ft series ft Update CD (and use NEC EXPRESSBUILDER CD-ROM): a) After logging in to the system as an account (such as Administrator), insert NEC EXPRESSBUILDER CD-ROM into the drive. b) On the “Master Controller Menu” screen that appears, click [Setup] and click [Update NEC Express5800 system] on the menu.

  • Page 111

    Troubleshooting 5-13 IMPORTANT: If the message, “Windows - FT Orphaning A disk that is part of a fault-tolerant volume can no longer be accessed” is displayed during the update process, an OS stop error may occur when restarting the OS. If an OS stop error occurs, perform the following procedures.

  • Page 112

    5-14 Troubleshooting Start Device Manager, choose the [View]-[Device by connection] and do the followings: a) Delete the red-circled device entries in the following figure. IMPORTANT: Do not uninstall entries for “Stratus Fault Tolerant 69000 Video” which appears as child entries of “ACPI Multiprocessor ftServer”. Delete the following device entries: - StratusDual Initiated Disk Device - StratusDual Initiated Disk Device...

  • Page 113

    Do not select a driver on the model list. Click [Hav e Disk…]. c-7. Insert NEC EXPRESSBUILDER into the CD-ROM drive and click [Browse]. Specif y the “CD-ROM drive:\WINNT\DRIVERS\QL2300” folder in the “Copy manufacture’s files from:” column, and then click [OK].

  • Page 114

    5-16 Troubleshooting d-2. Run the following command from Command Prompt and move to CD-ROM drive. C:\> CD-ROM drive: d-3. Run the following command from Command Prompt and move to the folder with the batch file. CD-ROM drive:\> cd\WINNT\D OTNET\EN d-4. Run the following command from Command Prompt for updating the driver.

  • Page 115: Troubleshooting

    When the server is not booted from the NEC EXPRESSBUILDER CD-ROM, check the following: Did you set the NEC EXPRESSBUILDER during POST and restart the server? → If you do not set the NEC EXPRESSBUILDER during POST and restart the server, an error message will appear or the OS will boot.

  • Page 116: Problems With Nec Express5800 Ft Series Setup

    CD-ROM drive. Failed to setup in detail for network adapter. → The detailed setup of network adapter is not available in setup of NEC Express5800/ft series. Open the control panel after starting Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition to configure the network adapter.

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