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Directory Parameters; Amd Message Configuration - Motorola MICOM-2ES Owner's Manual

Ale hf-ssb transceivers support for mil-std-188-141b
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MICOM-2ES/2RS/2TS ALE Supplement to Owner's Guide
Tune Time: select the tuning time. Tuning time is the maximum
time the current ALE waits for the called station to tune (this is the
tune-in time of the slowest tuner in the net). The tune time is added
to the calculated response time. Tune time can be 1 to 20 seconds, or
OFF (zero).

Directory Parameters

This DIR option on the ALE Programming menu enables preparing the ALE address
list. This list contains the names of stations to which the radio can address a private
call using the ALE. You can add a new address, and edit an existing address.
A name can contain up to 15 characters. Valid characters are the letters A to Z and
the numerals 0 to 9. You cannot add an address which is identical to the name of a
programmed net, nor an address already used as a self address in a programmed net.
The list can contain up to 100 addresses, and is automatically sorted in ascending
alphanumeric order.

AMD Message Configuration

The AMD option of the ALE Programming menu is used to view, edit, add or erase
messages intended for transmission. The characters you can enter in messages using
the radio keypad are: A to Z, 0 to 9, space, * and #. See message preparation details
on page 30.
Messages programmed using a remote PC with a standard keyboard can contain all
the ASCII characters the range of 20 (hex) to 5F (hex).
The message list can contain up to 12 messages, numbered AMD 0 to AMD 11. Each
message can contain up to 90 characters.
1. If no messages are stored, empty will appear in the
second display line.
2. Only the first 10 messages can be programmed using
the RSS. The 2 additional messages can only be
programmed from the front panel.

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