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Motorola MICOM-2ES Owner's Manual page 52

Ale hf-ssb transceivers support for mil-std-188-141b
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MICOM-2ES/2RS/2TS ALE Supplement to Owner's Guide
Transmitting Group Calls
Group calls let you call several individual stations in your net (at least 2) at once.
Thus, you can use a group call to communicate with a few select stations, while other
stations can still communicate at will, using other channels available to your net.
You can call up to 5 stations in a group call. The only restriction is that the total
length of all the addresses cannot exceed 12 ALE words (36 characters). If the
maximum allowed length is exceeded, you get a BUFF FULL error.
To make a group call, first you must specify the stations to be included in the group.
The addresses of the stations you include in the group can be saved as a group; the
radio can store up to 4 different groups. If a group including the desired stations is
already programmed, you can directly initiate the call to the desired group.
If you need to check beforehand the length, remember that as
explained on page 6, each ALE word must include 3
characters. Therefore, when an address is not an exact
multiple of 3, stuffing symbols are automatically added in the
last positions.
ALE addresses are categorized in accordance with their
leading ALE word (that is, their first three characters: if the
address is short and has only one or two characters, stuffing
symbols @ are added). When assembling a group you must
also take into consideration that the maximum number of
different address categories (as identified by their leading
word) in one group is 5. If more are included, then when you
try to send the call you will see UFA WRONG. In this case,
remove addresses to make the group more homogenous.
Before starting, you may want to select a different net to use: see
instructions on page 24.
When MultiNet is enabled, you will be prompted for a net number
as soon as you press
(F1) to start a call.

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