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Motorola MICOM-2ES Owner's Manual page 24

Ale hf-ssb transceivers support for mil-std-188-141b
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MICOM-2ES/2RS/2TS ALE Supplement to Owner's Guide
@ @ A
"Selective AnyCall": see Table 1
"Global AnyCall": see Table 1
@ @ ?
"Selective AllCall": see Table 1
@ A ?
@ ? @
"Global AllCall": see Table 1
? @ ?
"Inlink address": see page 11
AllCall Addresses
An AllCall is a general broadcast that does not request responses and does not
designate any specific addressee: a call with this address is accepted by any station,
which then stops scanning and listens to the call. The most common use of AllCalls
is in cases of distress: when in distress, it is more likely to want to make any
available connection in the minimum period of time than to issue a call to an
individual or to a select group.
The global AllCall address is @?@. As a variation, the calling station can also use
selective AllCall. Basically, the selective AllCall address is identical in function to
the global AllCall, except that it specifies the last single character of the addresses of
the desired subgroup of receiving stations (that is, it replaces the ? with an
alphanumeric – see more details in Table 1). Any station whose address matches the
pattern stops scanning and listens.
The operator can always initiate an outgoing (transmit) AllCall, but the MICOM 2
can be programmed to accept or ignore incoming (receive) AllCalls.
When a radio issues an AllCall, all the stations that are capable of receiving calls
receive the AllCall.
In the scan mode, if the MICOM 2 station is set to receive AllCalls, it stops scanning
when an AllCall is received. If an AllCall channel has been defined, then outgoing
AllCalls are performed on that channel. If no AllCall channel has been defined, the
call is performed on the first scanned channel of the net. In the Channel mode,
outgoing AllCalls are performed on the currently active channel.
Table 2. Use of "?" Wildcard Symbol (Cont.)
You can transmit an AllCall by pressing the ESC button for a few

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