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Ale Options Configuration - Motorola MICOM-2ES Owner's Manual

Ale hf-ssb transceivers support for mil-std-188-141b
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ALE Options Configuration

This menu enables you to configure the following ALE options:
PTT Timeout: the time (in minutes) which elapses between the
moment you release the PTT button, until the ALE disconnects the
link. The allowed range is 1 to 10 minutes.
EXAL External Alarm: activate/deactivate the radio external alarm when a
call is received.
ALRT Alert tone: enable/disable the generation of an alert tone whenever a
link is established.
Accept Link Time-out Time: the radio can be configured to
disconnect the link automatically if neither the PTT, nor any other
key is pressed within 30 seconds from the reception of a call. If
Accept Link TOT is set to NO, the received call is accepted
immediately and automatically.
MLQA Minimum LQA Score: determines the minimum acceptable LQA
(Link Quality Analysis) score allowed when trying to establish a link
on a specific channel.
If the minimum score is not achieved when the radio attempts to
establish a link in the ALE mode, the radio will try to establish a link
on the scanned channel with the next best LQA score. At the end of
this process, a link will be established on the scan channel with the
best LQA score. If the call is made on a specific channel, the radio
ignores the minimum LQA score check.
The allowed range of LQA scores is 0 to 100%. When selecting the
minimum LQA score, remember that in accordance with the ALE
standards, the maximum LQA score (assigned for receiving an
optimum sounding is 70%), and the minimum score is 30%. The
score given to a station that did not send any sounding or a station
whose sounding has not been received is also 30%.
QCAL Quick Call: enable/disable initiating a call to the last called address by
pressing the MIC PTT button twice in rapid sequence (double
AADR Automatic address: enable/disable automatically adding the source
addresses of incoming calls to the ALE directory.
If the directory is full, new addresses will not be
ALE Programming

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