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HP D5970A - NetServer - LCII User Manual: Installing Mass Storage; Types Of Devices That Can Be Installed; Boot Device Priority

Hp netserver lxr pro8 user guide.
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4 Installing Mass Storage

Types of Devices That Can Be Installed

The HP NetServer LXr Pro8 can accept several common tray internal mass
storage devices. The devices fit in bays in the HP NetServer's front panel. The
common tray area can hold up to three 4-gigabyte or 9-gigabyte hard disk drives,
or one hard disk drive and an internal tape device.
The HP NetServer supports Fast/Wide SCSI for internal devices. Ultra-SCSI
devices, if installed, run as Fast/Wide devices.
The HP NetServer accepts only these two hard disk drives:
Hewlett Packard D4910A 4-gigabyte common tray hard disk
Hewlett Packard D4911A 9-gigabyte common tray hard disk
Some devices, including some DAT drives, may need an
adapter to connect to the server's internal SCSI cable. You will
find an extra 68-pin-to-50-pin SCSI adapter in the HP
NetServer's shipping container.

Boot Device Priority

By default, the HP NetServer searches for bootable devices in the order shown
below. (This boot sequence is configurable.)
CD-ROM drive.
Flexible disk drive.
Embedded SCSI controllers that you designate as bootable. (The default
setting puts SCSI controllers 0 and 1 in the boot sequence.)
PCI Slots 1 through 8.
SCSI controller 0 controls the HP NetServer's internal hard disk drives.
On each controller, the server scans for a boot device starting at device ID 0 and
works up from there.



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