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HP D5970A - NetServer - LCII User Manual: Main Menu; Using The Setup Screens; Changing The Server Password

Hp netserver lxr pro8 user guide.
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Chapter 9

Main Menu

The setup utility consists of a main menu that leads to several configuration
screens. The menu choices are:
Main. Set system time and date, language, keyboard characteristics,
change flexible disk drive type and memory cache.
Advanced. Advanced configuration settings. Do not change the settings
on this screen, or you may adversely affect the server's performance.
Security. Set user and supervisor passwords.
Console. Choose the console communications port, console type, and
other characteristics.
Exit. Exit the setup utility with or without saving changes, save changes
without exiting, or revert to previous settings without exiting. When you
exit, the server reboots.

Using the Setup Screens

Online help explains the settings displayed on the Setup. You also get
instructions for navigating between the screens and entering or changing the
setup data.
Press the right-arrow and left-arrow keys to move between selections on
the menu bar. The menu bar is present at the top of most screens
Press the up-arrow and down-arrow keys to move between fields on each
Certain fields ask you to choose from a list of entries. In such cases, press
the plus (+) or minus(-) keys repeatedly to display each possible entry .
Press the Esc key to exit any screen.

Changing the Server Password

To change the server's user or supervisor passwords:
1. Use the right-arrow or left-arrow key to select Security from the Setup
menu. As soon as you do this, the Security menu appears.
2. Use the down-arrow key to move to the Set User Password or Set
Supervisor Password field. Then press the Enter key.
Configuring the System



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