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HP D5970A - NetServer - LCII User Manual: Configuration Assistant

Hp netserver lxr pro8 user guide.
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Chapter 9

Configuration Assistant

Configuration Assistant guides you through the steps necessary to configure
the HP NetServer.
When you start Configuration Assistant, it first asks if you want to run the
Hardware Verification and Labeling Utility. This utility checks whether your
rack system is ready for configuration: it can check cabling connections, check
the health of hardware components, create an asset inventory list of your
components, and label mass storage devices. HP recommends that you run this
utility before continuing with Configuration Assistant.
After prompting you for the Hardware Verification and Labeling Utility,
Configuration Assistant asks you to choose one of two configuration methods:
Express and Custom.
Express configuration is the preferred method since it leads you through a
sequence of steps and presents default selections. An Express configuration
includes the following steps:
Update System BIOS: This step appears if Configuration Assistant
detects that a newer version of the BIOS is available on the HP Navigator
CD-ROM. You must update your BIOS to the new version if you want to
continue in Express mode.
Show System Information: This step provides a complete hardware
inventory for the system.
Configure Disk Array: If you have an installed HP disk array, you must
configure it with this utility.
Install Utility Partition: This step creates a utility partition on the server
hard disk where HP NetServer Navigator will copy the Diagnostic
Assistant, BIOS Update Utility, Error Message Utility (EMU) and other
Execute Card Utilities: When HP NetServer Navigator finds installed
boards for which additional CD-ROM configuration utilities exist, the
utilities are executed automatically to complete board configuration.
Create Drivers Diskette: This step creates a customized diskette that
contains HP drivers and configuration files to use for NOS installation.
Skip this step if you are installing your NOS from an HP-supplied CD-
ROM and the drivers are already on the NOS installation CD-ROM.
Configuring the System



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