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HP NetServer LXr Pro8
200 MHz/1 MB Processor
Upgrade Guide
HP Part Number 5967-2101
Printed in January 1998


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  • Page 1: Upgrade Guide

    HP NetServer LXr Pro8 200 MHz/1 MB Processor Board Upgrade Guide HP Part Number 5967-2101 Printed in January 1998...

  • Page 2: Audience Assumptions

    Hewlett-Packard assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability of its software on equipment that is not furnished by Hewlett-Packard.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Overview.......................1 About This Guide ...................1 Additional Information ................1 Verify Contents ....................1 Tools Required....................3 2 Plan the Upgrade..................5 Determine Where to Place the Processor Board ..........5 3 Perform the Upgrade..................7 Power Down the HP NetServer ..............7 Slide Out the Satellite Chassis ...............9 Lift and Remove Top Cover of Satellite Chassis ..........

  • Page 5: Overview

    1 Overview About This Guide This guide describes the installation of the 200 MHz/1 MB Processor Board Accessory Kit in HP NetServer LXr Pro8 systems. The processor board includes two 200 MHz/1 MB CPU chips, on which two heat pipes are mounted for efficient cooling.

  • Page 6

    Chapter 1 Overview 1. Processor board, shown in Figure 1-1, has the following parts mounted on Two 200 MHz/1 MB CPU chips Two heat pipes Two VRMs (voltage regulator modules) Be sure to keep the bag around the processor board sealed until you are ready to install the board.

  • Page 7: Tools Required

    Chapter 1 Overview Tools Required An antistatic service kit (3M 8501/8502/8503 or equivalent). This kit includes a static-dissipating work surface, a chassis clip lead, and a wrist strap. Number 2 Phillips head screwdriver.

  • Page 9: Plan The Upgrade

    2 Plan the Upgrade Up to four processor boards, each with two 200 MHz/1 MB CPU chips, can be installed in the HP NetServer LXr Pro8 system. All four processor board slots on the system board must be filled, even when fewer than four processor boards (eight CPUs) are installed.

  • Page 10

    Chapter 2 Plan the Upgrade Table 2-1. Processor Board Configurations Total Number of CPU Board in Board in Board in Board in Chips in System Slot A1 Slot A2 Slot B1 Slot B2 2 CPUs Processor Terminator Terminator Terminator board board board board...

  • Page 11: Perform The Upgrade

    3 Perform the Upgrade The installation steps are as follows: 1. Power down the HP NetServer. 2. Slide out the satellite chassis. 3. Lift and remove the cover of the satellite chassis. 4. Remove the terminator board. 5. Install the processor board. 6.

  • Page 12

    Chapter 3 Perform the Upgrade Figure 3-1. HP NetServer Control Panel 3. Unlock the power interlock switch at the back of the HP NetServer by turning it clockwise as shown in Figure 3-2. This turns off DC power to the satellite and unlatches the satellite chassis. Figure 3-2.

  • Page 13: Slide Out The Satellite Chassis

    Chapter 3 Perform the Upgrade NOTE After you unlock the power interlock switch, there is no power present at any internal or externally accessible area of the satellite chassis. However, five volts of power are present at the power supply pins on the base chassis where the satellite attaches.

  • Page 14

    Chapter 3 Perform the Upgrade Figure 3-3. Location of the Retention Bracket 4. Stand behind the HP NetServer and grasp the two ejector handles on the rear panel. Pull both handles down firmly, and then pull the satellite chassis toward you. Pull it out until its slides are fully extended as shown in Figure 3-4.

  • Page 15: Lift And Remove Top Cover Of Satellite Chassis

    Chapter 3 Perform the Upgrade Figure 3-4. Slide Out Satellite Chassis Lift and Remove Top Cover of Satellite Chassis 1. Find the fingerholds on the cover of the satellite chassis. 2. Place a finger in each of the two fingerholds and push both fingerholds toward each other.

  • Page 16: Remove The Terminator Board

    Chapter 3 Perform the Upgrade Figure 3-5. Satellite Chassis with Open Cover 5. Pull back one of the spring-loaded hinge pins on the underside of the cover and lift the cover off. 6. Set the cover aside. Looking down into the satellite chassis, you can see the processor and terminator boards on the system board.

  • Page 17

    Chapter 3 Perform the Upgrade Figure 3-6. Processor and Terminator Boards on the System Board 2. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the two mounting screws that secure the terminator board in place. 3. Grasp the board you are removing, and lift firmly. Place it on the antistatic mat.

  • Page 18

    Chapter 3 Perform the Upgrade Figure 3-7. Remove the Terminator Board 5. You may return the terminator boards you removed to Hewlett-Packard for environmentally safe disposal. To return used boards, see the Update Return Kit.

  • Page 19: Install The Processor Board

    Chapter 3 Perform the Upgrade Install the Processor Board 1. Remove the processor board from the sealed bag. NOTE Do not change the jumper settings on the processor board. These settings are factory set. 2. Install the processor board in the slot from which you removed the terminator board.

  • Page 20

    Chapter 3 Perform the Upgrade Figure 3-8. Unlock the Slides 4. Grasp the ejector handles and push the satellite chassis all the way forward until it locks into position against the base chassis. Be careful to keep the ejector handles in the "down" position. 5.

  • Page 21

    Chapter 3 Perform the Upgrade Figure 3-9. Lock the Power Interlock Switch...

  • Page 23: A Warranty And Support

    A Warranty and Support The hardware warranty below applies to components purchased as accessories. If your component was factory installed as part of an HP NetServer model, refer to the warranty statement provided with your system documentation. Hardware Warranty This HP NetServer accessory is covered by a limited hardware warranty for a period of one year from receipt by the original end-user purchaser.

  • Page 25: B Regulatory Information

    B Regulatory Information Notice for USA: FCC Radio Frequency Emissions Statements Class A Product Statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.

  • Page 26: Notice For Eu

    EMC directive 89/336/EEC. the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC 1) This Product was tested in a typical configuration with Hewlett-Packard peripherals. Santa Clara, CA, USA, September 30, 1997 Nigel Marrion / Quality Engineering Manager For Compliance Information ONLY, contact: European Contact: Your local Hewlett-Packard Sales and Service Office or Hewlett-Packard GmbH, Department ZQ / Standards Europe, Herrenberger Straße 130, D-71034 Böblingen (FAX: + 49-7031-143143)

  • Page 27: Index

    Index Regulatory information, 21 Antistatic service kit, 3, 9 Contents of package, 1 Satellite chassis CPU buses A and B, 5 removing top cover, 11 sliding it back into place, 15 sliding it out, 9 Hardware warranty, 19 HP Navigator CD-ROM, 2, 15 Terminator board, 5, 6, 12, 13 Power down procedure, 7 Power interlock switch, 8, 17...

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