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Chapter 6
11. You may return the terminator boards you removed to Hewlett-Packard
for environmentally safe disposal. To return used boards, see the Update
Return Kit.
If you ever choose to remove one of the processor boards and
run the HP NetServer with fewer processors, note that you
must have a terminator board on hand to put in place of the
processor board.
12. Remove the processor board from the sealed bag.
Do not change the jumper settings on the processor board.
These settings are factory set.
13. Install the processor board in the slot from which you removed the
terminator board. Gently, but firmly, push the board into place.
You must install one processor board for every terminator board that you
14. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, secure the mounting screws in place.
You are not required to use the HP Navigator CD-ROM to
reconfigure your system after installing the new processor
board. The system detects the additional processors
automatically. However, we recommend that you use the HP
Navigator CD-ROM to ensure that you have the latest drivers
and information.
15. Replace the cover of the satellite chassis. See Chapter 3.
16. Reattach the satellite chassis to the base chassis. See Chapter 3 for details.
17. Reconnect any cables to PCI cards you might have disconnected earlier.
Reconnect the AC power cord if you disconnected it earlier.
18. Lock the power interlock switch by turning it counterclockwise. See
Chapter 2.
Installing Additional Boards



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