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Settings; Ringer Settings - Haier A7+ User Manual

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Reset charge counter: clear value of fee counter as zero, (it is protected by PIN2
Balance balance: display left call fee.
Show limit: display the upper limitation of call fee that is set.
Cancel limit: cancel upper limitation setting of call fees (it is protected by PIN2
Set limit: allow you set upper limitation of call fee (it is protected by PIN2 code).
If call fee exceeds the highest limitation, you cannot call and prompt display no call fee.
In such situation all calls need to pay will be automatically hang off.
Call tariff (need network support)
You can query and change unit rate. Unit rate is storage in SIM card in the form of
Display rate: display the current fee you set.
Reset rate: it is protected by PIN2 code, after confirmation rate will be automatically
reset as default value 1.
Set rate: allow you to change the value of unit fee after PIN2 code is inputted.

3.2 Settings

3.2.1 Ringer settings

Incoming call ringer
Phonebook of the phone can be classified into six groups; different group can be set with
different rings which is convenient for you to judge the call from which class.
In every class group, there is different type of ring can be select for you; the right of
selected ring class has selected mark. Enter different classification; ring list of that class will
be displayed. Right of currently selected ring has mark. When browse rings list, selected ring
will be played according to current set volume after definite delay (if it is silent, it is played
in low volume).
Particular classification is shown as follow:
Predefined tone: rings predefined in phone.
MMS tone: tone received by MMS.
WAP tone: rings saved by WAP.
Downloaded tone: rings downloaded by USB (USB download need the support of PC
Sync software).



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