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Groups Settings - Haier SG71204HC-C380 User Manual

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In contacts list > Select Options menu to do the below operations:
Search: You can find contacts by Name, Number or Location
Add New: You can add new contacts to phone or RUIM
Call: You can call this contact
Send Message: You can edit message and send it to the contact
Send Business Card Via SMS: You can send Business Card through SMS
Delete: You can delete the selected contacts
Copy: You can copy the selected contacts between phone and RUIM
change the number to be dialed
Edit Before Call: You can
You can sort the contacts list by name or location
ark several contacts for deleting or copying them
Mark Several: You can m
My Number:
You can edit the own number
You can view the memory status in phone and RUIM
Memory status:

Groups settings

1. In the standby screen, press <menu> to access the Main menu > Contacts > Groups;
2. Select one group and press <Options> to operate the below options: