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dried on food remnants. This setting is
recommended if using biological or eco
detergents which contain lower
amounts of active agents. The energy
and water consumption is adjusted


The final rinse uses a higher
temperature which improves the drying
result. The running time may increase
slightly. (Caution if utensils are delicate!)
You can switch the extraDry function on
or off.

Eco forecast

When Eco forecast is activated, the
average water and energy consumption
of the selected programme is briefly
displayed on the display window at the
top @.
AutoPowerOff (Switching off
automatically after the end of
the programme)
T o save energy, the dishwasher
A u t o P o w e r O f f
is switched off 1 minute after
the programme ends. You can also
change this setting.
Possible settings are:
off: The appliance does not switch
off automatically.
After one minute: The appliance
switches off after 1 minute.
After two hours: The appliance
switches off after 2 hours.
Note: Note that for the settings "After
one minute" and "After two hours", the
interior lighting 1" is switched off. To
activate the interior lighting, press the
ON/OFF switch (.
Operating the appliance en
emotionLight (interior
lighting) *
* Depending on the features of your
E m o t i o n L i g h t
EmotionLight 1" is the interior lighting
for your dishwasher. You can switch
the interior lighting on or off.
Depending on the setting of
AutoPowerOff, the interior lighting is
either switched on or off.
Note that the interior lighting is
automatically switched off after 1
hour when it is switched on and the
door is open.

Front display *

* depending on the features of your
F r o n t d i s p l a y
You can switch the front display ): on
or off (additional programme
TimeLight (Optical display
while the programme is
running) *
* depending on the features of your
t i m e L i g h t
While programme is running, an optical
display (additional programme
information) is indicated on the floor
under the appliance door. If the base
panel is pulled forwards or if the
appliance is installed at eye-level with
flush furniture front, the display is not
You can switch the optical display on or

Infolight *

* depending on the features of your
i n f o L i g h t
While the programme is running, a light
spot shines on the floor under

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