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en Fault, what to do?
Detergent residue
Water stains on plastic
Washable or water-soluble
coatings in the container or
on the door.
* depending on the configuration of your specific dishwasher
Detergent dispenser cover 9:
blocked by utensils and therefore
does not open fully.
Detergent dispenser cover 9:
blocked by the tablet.
Tablets used in the quick or short
Dissolving time of the detergent
is not reached in the selected
short programme.
Washing effect and dissolving
performance are reduced after a
prolonged storage time or
detergent is very lumpy.
Droplet formation on plastic
surface is physically unavoidable.
After drying, water stains are
Detergent substances are
deposited. These coatings cannot
usually be removed with
chemicals (appliance cleaner, ...).
If there is a "white coating" on the
container floor, the water
softening system has been set
Salt dispenser cover 1b not
Only for glasses: Initial glass
corrosion – can only apparently
be wiped off.
Remedial action
Utensils must not be placed above the
tablet collecting tray 1B. These may
block the lid of the detergent dispenser
and prevent it from opening fully.
~ "Upper basket" on page 22
Do not place utensils or fragrance
dispenser in the tablet collecting tray.
Tablet must be inserted flat and not
Dissolving time of tablets too long for a
quick or short programme.
Use a detergent powder or select a more
intensive programme.
Change detergent.
Use a more intensive programme (more
water changes).
Arrange utensils in a sloping position.
Use rinse aid.
If required, increase softening setting.
Change detergent brand.
Clean appliance mechanically.
Increase softening setting and change
detergent if required.
Close salt dispenser cover correctly.
See "Glass and utensil damage".
~ "Glass and utensil damage"
on page 21

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