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Time Display; Sensor Setting; Extradry; Eco Forecast - Siemens SN SERIES Instruction Manual

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en Operating the appliance
During the drying phase moisture from
the rinsing compartment is stored in
the mineral and heat energy
is released. This released heat energy is
blown into the rinsing compartment with
dry air. This accelerates and improves
These processes therefore save a great
deal of energy.

Time display

The running time is determined during
the programme by the water
temperature, the number of utensils as
well as the degree of soiling and may
vary (depending on the selected
programme). You can change the time
display in time or hours/minutes so that
the remaining running time of the rinsing
progamme appears in the display
window "Ready at" (for example 15:20
hours) or "Ready in" (for example 3:25).

Sensor setting

The programme sequence is optmised
in Auto programmes with the aid of
sensors. The sensors adjust the
programme strength of Auto
programmes depending on the amount
and type of soiling. You can adjust the
sensitivity of the sensors in 3 stages.
Standard: This setting is ideal for a
mixed load and heavily soiled utensils,
but also saves energy and water.
Sensitive: This setting adjusts the
programme strength for the effective
removal of food remnants, even if the
amount of soiling is low. The energy and
water consumption is adjusted
Very sensitive: This setting adjusts the
programme strength for difficult
conditions of use, for example firmly
dried on food remnants. This setting is
recommended if using biological or eco
detergents which contain lower
amounts of active agents. The energy
and water consumption is adjusted


The final rinse uses a higher
temperature which improves the drying
result. The running time may increase
slightly. (Caution if utensils are delicate!)
You can switch the extraDry function on
or off.

Eco forecast

When Eco forecast is activated, the
average water and energy consumption
of the selected programme is briefly
displayed on the display window at the
top @.
AutoPowerOff (Switching off
automatically after the end of
the programme)
To save energy, the dishwasher
A u t o P o w e r O f f
is switched off 1 minute after
the programme ends. You can also
change this setting.
Possible settings are:
off: The appliance does not switch
off automatically.
After one minute: The appliance
switches off after 1 minute.
After two hours: The appliance
switches off after 2 hours.

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Table of Contents

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