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After installing the appliance,
ensure that the plug is easily
accessible. ~ "Electrical
connection" on page 50
For some models:
The plastic housing on the
water connection contains an
electric valve. The supply
hose contains electrical
connection cables. Do not
cut through the supply hose.
Do not immerse the plastic
housing in water.

In daily use

Read and observe the safety
information and instructions for
use on the packaging for
cleaning and rinsing agents.
Ensure that you follow the
safety instructions, even when
operating the appliance via the
Home Connect app, which are
out of sight when you are away
from home. Follow the
instructions in the app.


The appliance may be
repaired and opened up by a
technician only. To do this,
disconnect the appliance
from the power supply. Pull
out the mains plug or switch
off the fuse. Turn off the tap.
If the appliance is damaged,
especially the control panel
(cracks, holes, broken
buttons), or the door function
is impaired, stop operating
the appliance. Pull out the
mains plug or switch off the
fuse. Turn off tap, call
customer service.


Make redundant appliances
unusable to prevent
subsequent accidents.
Dispose of the appliance in
an environmentally friendly
Risk of injury!
To prevent injuries, e.g.
caused by stumbling, open
the dishwasher only briefly in
order to load and unload the
Knives and other utensils
with sharp points must be
placed with the points
downwards in the cutlery
basket*9" or horizontally
on the knife shelf* or in the
cutlery drawer*1*.
Do not lean or sit on the
open door.
In the case of free-standing
appliances, ensure that the
baskets are not overloaded.
The appliance could tip.
Safety instructions en

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents