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en Safety instructions
If the appliance is not in a
cavity and a side panel is
accessible, the door hinge
area must be covered at the
side for reasons of safety
(risk of injury). The covers
are available as optional
accessories from customer
service or specialist outlets.
* depending on the features of
your dishwasher
Risk of explosion!
Do not add any solvents to
the rinsing compartment.
Danger of explosion!
If you use highly caustic
alkaline or highly acidic
cleaning agents, in particular
commercial or industrial
cleaning agents (e.g. for the
machine cleaning cycle), do
not put aluminium parts in
the dishwasher. Danger of
Risk of scalding!
Open the door carefully when
the programme is still running.
There is a risk of hot water
spraying out of the appliance.
Risk to children!
If fitted, use the childproof
Do not allow children to play
with or operate the
Keep children away from
detergents and rinse aid.
These may cause chemical
burns in the mouth, throat
and eyes or asphyxiation.
Keep children away from
open dishwasher. There may
be small parts in the
dishwasher which children
could swallow and the water
inside the dishwasher is not
drinking water as it may
contain detergent residue.
Ensure that children do not
place fingers in the tablet
collecting tray 1B. Small
fingers could become caught
in the slots.
When opening and closing
the door on an eye-level
appliance, ensure that
children do not become
jammed or crushed between
the appliance door and the
cupboard door below.
Children could become
locked in the appliance
(danger of suffocation) or get
into another dangerous
Redundant appliances: Pull
out the mains plug, sever
and dispose of the power
cord. Destroy the door lock
so that the door can no
longer be closed.
Childproof lock (door lock) *
T he child-proof lock (door lock)
D o o r l o c k
protects children from potential
hazards which the dishwasher

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Table of Contents

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