Overall Status Of The Dishwasher; Machine Care - Siemens SN Series Instruction Manual

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en Cleaning and maintenance
faults. This saves time and prevents
Overall status of the
*The interior of your dishwasher is
predominantly self-cleaning. In order to
remove deposits, your dishwasher
automatically changes the running of
the programme (such as by increasing
the cleaning temperature) at certain
intervals. This will lead to higher
consumption values when running this
*Depending on the features of your
If you should find deposits in the
interior of the dishwasher in spite of
this, remove these deposits as
Fill the detergent dispenser 9: with
Select the programme with the
highest temperature.
Start the programme without dishes.
Health hazard due to detergents
containing chlorine!
Always use chlorine-free detergents.
Only clean the appliance with
special detergents/appliance
cleaners which are suitable for use
with dishwashers.
Regularly wipe the door seals using
a damp cloth and a little washing-up
liquid. This will keep the door seal
clean and hygienic.
Leave the door open slightly if the
appliance will not be used for a
while. This will prevent an unpleasant
odour from developing.
Never clean the dishwasher using a
steam cleaner. The manufacturer
is not liable for any consequential
Wipe the front of the dishwasher and
the control panel regularly using a
damp cloth and a little washing-up
Do not use sponges with a rough
surface or abrasive detergents.
These could scratch the surface.
For dishwashers with a stainless
steel front, avoid using sponge
cloths, or rinse these thoroughly
several times before using them for
the first time. This will prevent

Machine Care

M achine Care used in combination with
M a c h i n e C a r e
commercially available machine
cleaning detergent is a suitable
programme for cleaning your
dishwasher. Deposits such as grease
and limescale can cause your
dishwasher to malfunction. In order to
avoid such faults and to reduce the
development of odours, we recommend
cleaning the dishwasher at regular
* As soon as the Machine Care display
lights up in the control panel, or you are
advised to do so on the front display,
run the Machine cleaning programme
Machine Care without loading any
tableware. Make sure that there are no
aluminium parts in the dishwasher. After
you have run the Machine Care the
display in the control panel will go out.
If your dishwasher does not have a
reminder function, follow the instructions
for use on the machine cleaning
Risk of explosion!
If you use highly caustic alkaline or
highly acidic cleaning agents, in

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Table of Contents

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