Customer Service; Installation And Connection - Siemens SN Series Instruction Manual

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en Customer service
Filling valves making
striking noises.
Knocking or rattling noise.
Unusual foam formation.
* depending on the configuration of your specific dishwasher

Customer service

I f you are unable to rectify the fault,
C u s t o m e r s e r v i c e
please contact your customer service.
We will always find an appropriate
solution in order to avoid unnecessary
visits by engineers. Contact information
for your nearest customer service can
be found on the back of these
instructions for use or on the enclosed
customer service list. When calling,
please state the appliance number
(E-Nr. = 1) and the production number
(FD = 2) which can be found on the
rating plate 9J on the appliance door.
Trust the expertise of the
manufacturer. Contact us for
assistance. You can therefore be sure
that the repair is carried out by trained
Depends on domestic installation,
as no appliance fault. No effect on
appliance function.
Spray arm strikes the utensils,
utensils not positioned correctly.
If there is a low load, the water
jets strike the washing tank
Light utensils move during the
wash cycle.
Hand washing-up liquid in the
rinse aid dispenser.
Rinse aid spilled.
Remedial action
No remedial action possible.
Position utensils so that the spray arms do
not strike the utensils.
Load the appliance with more utensils or
distribute the utensils more evenly in the
Arrange light utensils securely.
Immediately refill rinse aid dispenser with
rinse aid.
Remove rinse aid with a cloth.
service technicians who carry original
spare parts for your domestic
Please note that customer service
employees would never ask for your
Home Connect password.
Installation and
T he dishwasher must be connected
I n s t a l l a t i o n a n d c o n n e c t i o n
correctly, otherwise it will not function
properly. The specifications for the inlet
and outlet as well as the electrical
connected loads must correspond with
the required criteria as
specified in the following paragraphs
or in the installation instructions.
Install the appliance in the correct
Checking appliance on delivery
Drainage connection
Drinking water connection
Electrical connection

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents