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en Getting to know your appliance
contain valuable raw materials and
recyclable materials.
Please dispose of the individual parts
separated according to type.
Please ask your dealer or inquire at
your local authority about current means
of disposal.


All plastic parts of the appliance are
identified with internationally
standardised abbreviations (e.g. PS
polystyrene). Therefore, plastic waste
can be sorted out when the appliance is
being disposed of.
Please follow the safety instructions
under "Delivery" ~ Page 5.

Old appliances

Please follow the safety instructions
under "Disposal of your appliance"
~ Page 7.
This appliance has been
identified in accordance with the
European Directive 2012/19/EU
on Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment (WEEE).
The directive provides a
framework for the collection and
recycling of old appliances,
which is valid across the EU.
Getting to know your
D iagrams of the control panel and the
G e t t i n g t o k n o w y o u r a p p l i a n c e
interior of the appliance can be found at
the front of the manual. Individual
positions are referred to in the text.

Control panel

On/off switch
Programme buttons **
Info button {
Display window at top
Rinse aid refill indicator
Salt refill indicator
WLAN display
Selection buttons
Time preselection
Remote start button
Additional functions/programme
buttons **
START button
Front display *
Door opener
Remote start display *
< > button
* depending on the features of your
** number depending on the features of
your dishwasher

Appliance interior

1" Interior light *
1* Cutlery drawer *
12 Top basket
1: Upper spray arm
1B Tablet collecting tray
1J Intake opening
1R Blow opening (Zeolith container)
1Z Lower spray arm
1b Dispenser for special salt
1j Filters
9" Cutlery basket *
9* Bottom basket
92 Dispenser for rinse aid
9: Detergent dispenser
9B Lock for detergent dispenser
9J Rating plate
* depending on the features of your

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents