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Siemens SN Series Instruction Manual page 41

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Table of Contents
Energy manager does not
connect to the energy
manager of the home
system. *
Refill indicator for salt P
and/or rinse aid H is lit.
Refill indicator for salt P
and/or rinse aid H is not
The Machine Care display
lights up. *
Water is left in the
appliance at the end of the
* depending on the configuration of your specific dishwasher
Connection to the energy
manager of the home system is
not available.
No rinse aid.
No salt.
Sensor does not detect salt
Refill indicator switched off.
There is still enough special
salt/rinse aid available.
Machine Care is recommended.
Filter system or area under the
filters 1j is blocked.
Programme has not yet finished
Fault, what to do? en
Remedial action
Refer to the instructions for use from the
energy manager manufacturer for your
home system.
Refill rinse aid.
Refill with special salt.
Use different special salt.
Activation/deactivation (see chapter
"Water softening system/Special salt"
~ Page 18 or "Rinse aid" ~ Page 20).
Check refill indicator, levels.
Run the Machine Care programme using a
special dishwasher cleaning agent and
without loading any utensils.
The display will go out automatically after
three wash cycles whether or not the
Machine Care programme is carried out.
Clean filters and area underneath.
Wait until programme ends or reset.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents