Activating Energy Manager; Deactivating Energy Manager; Software Update - Siemens SN Series Instruction Manual

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energy manager is unsuccessful, please
repeat Step 6.
Note: The "Energy manager" menu
option is not available unless there was
a connection to the home network and
the appliance is connected to the app.
Further information and system
requirements for using the energy
manager can be found at
Activating energy manager „
To start the energy manager „ , you
A c t i v a t i n g e n e r g y m a n a g e r
must activate the remote start button }
)" and select time preselection h.
Once you have activated the remote
start button } )", you can use the
Home Connect app to perform time
preselection h.
You can also activate the energy
manager „ manually using the buttons
on the dishwasher.
This is how to activate the energy
manager „ on the dishwasher:
Open the door.
Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
Select programme 0.
Press time preselection button h.
Keep pressing the setting buttons + -
` until the displayed time
corresponds with your requirements.
Press START button )2. Time
preselection is activated.
Activate the remote start button }
Following successful activation, @
"Flex Start" is indicated on the
display window at the top.
The energy manager „ now has
access to the dishwasher and can
start it during the time period
Where the energy manager „ starts
the programme earlier, the time
display "Ready in" / "Finish at" will
be updated.
To activate the energy manager „ ,
you must have set it up beforehand.

Deactivating energy manager

The menu option "Disconnect with +" is
D e a c t i v a t i n g e n e r g y m a n a g e r
available when the dishwasher is
connected with the energy manager of
the home system.
This is how to deactivate the energy
Open the door.
Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
Press Info button { 8 for 3
seconds until the following text is
indicated on the display window at
the top @:
Scroll with < >
Set with - +
Leave with Setup 3 sec.
Keep pressing button > )R until the
required setting is indicated on the
display window at the top @.
Make the setting with setting buttons
+ - `.
Press Info button { 8 for 3
At the end of this process the energy
manager is deactivated. A new energy
manager can now be connected.

Software update *

Y ou can update your dishwasher
S o f t w a r e u p d a t e
software using the software update
function (for example optimisation,
troubleshooting, safety-relevant
updates). The prerequisites are that you
are a registered Home Connect user,
have installed the app on your mobile
device and are connected to the Home
Connect server.
As soon as a software update is
available, you will be informed via the
Home Connect en

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Table of Contents

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