Changing Start Programme; Tone Volume; Button Volume; Child-Proof Lock - Siemens SN Series Instruction Manual

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en Operating the appliance
the appliance door. Do not open the
appliance door until the light point is no
longer visible on the floor. If the
appliance door is not completely
closed, the light spot flashes *. If
the appliance is installed at eye-level,
with flush furniture front, the light point
is not visible. You can switch the
Infolight on or off.

Changing start programme

You can change the "Start programme"

Tone volume*

* depending on the configuration of
T o n e v o l u m e
your specific dishwasher
The end of the programme is indicated
by a buzzer. You can also change this

Button volume

When you are operating the dishwasher,
a signal sounds whenever a button is
pressed. You can control the volume of
the signal. If you do not like the button
volume, you can switch it off.

Child-proof lock *

* depending on the features of your
C h i l d - p r o o f l o c k
The dishwasher features an electronic
child-proof lock. The child-proof lock
protects children from potential hazards
which the dishwasher poses.
You can switch the child-proof lock on
or off. When the child-proof lock is on, it
is difficult to open the door.


When you switch on the dishwasher, the
brand logo appears. You can switch off
the brand logo.

Factory setting

You can reset all settings to the factory

Switching the appliance on

Turn on tap fully.
Open the door.
Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
The Eco 50° programme has been
preset for environmentally friendly
operation whenever the appliance
starts. This programme remains
selected if no other programme
button 0 is pressed.
Press START button )2.
Close the door.
Programme sequence starts.
For ecological reasons the Eco 50°
programme is preset whenever the
appliance starts. This conserves
environmental resources and not least
saves you money.
The Eco 50° program is a particularly
environmentally friendly program and
well-suited for normally soiled
tableware. It is the most efficient
program in the combination of energy
and water consumption for this type of
conformity with the tableware and
content of the EU European Ecodesign

Time preselection

You can delay the start of the
programme by up to 24 hours.
Depending on the setting of the time
display, the end of programme is
indicated with "Finish in" (for example
3h 25m) or "Finish at" (for example
15:20 hours).
Open the door.
Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
Selects programme 0.
Press time preselection button h.

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Table of Contents

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