Remote Start Button; Wi-Fi Without A Connection To The Home Connect Server; Setting Up Energy Manager - Siemens SN Series Instruction Manual

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en Home Connect
Status of any previous resetting to
factory settings.
This initial registration prepares the
Home Connect functions for use and is
activated the first time you use these
Home Connect functions. Please ensure
that the Home Connect functions can
be used only in conjunction with the
Home Connect App. Information on
data protection can be accessed in the
Home Connect app.

Remote start button }

W hen the dishwasher is connected to
R e m o t e s t a r t b u t t o n
the home network, activate the
dishwasher remote control by pressing
the remote start button })".
If the dishwasher has still not logged
into Home Connect, access the Home
Connect settings by pressing the
remote start button })".
Observe the supplied Home Connect
When the login process is complete,
the remote start button } )" goes
To activate the remote control, press
the remote start button } )".
If the Home Connect Assistant was
aborted during start-up, press the
remote start button } )" again.
If the connection to the router fails,
the WLAN X display flashes on
the display.
Opening the door deactivates
remote control.
Wi-Fi without a connection to
the Home Connect server †
Y ou can use the Home Connect app
W i - F i w i t h o u t a c o n n e c t i o n t o t h e H o m e C o n n e c t s e r v e r
to disconnect from the Home Connect
The appliance is then locally connected
to your mobile device without however
any connection to the Home Connect
Note: If you did not deactivate the
connection to the Home Connect
server, check your Internet connection.
Setting up energy manager „
With the energy manager „ your
S e t t i n g u p e n e r g y m a n a g e r
dishwasher is automatically started
during a time period you select with the
cheapest power supply offered at the
time by your alternative energy source
(e.g. photovoltaic system).
Should the energy manager „ be
unable to start the dishwasher remotely
(e.g. no power available), it will start the
dishwasher at the latest possible time
with a conventional power supply.
This is how to set up the energy
manager „:
Open the door.
Switch on ON/OFF switch (.
Press Info button { 8 for 3
seconds until the following text is
indicated on the display window at
the top @:
Scroll with < >
Set with - +
Leave with Setup 3 sec.
Keep pressing button > )R until the
required setting is indicated on the
display window at the top @.
Make the setting with setting buttons
+ - `.
In the next 2 minutes connect your
dishwasher with the energy manager
of the home system. When doing so,
also activate connection to the
energy manager of your home
system (observe the instruction
manual of your energy manager
Following successful connection of the
dishwasher to the energy manager of
your home system, the following
message is indicated on the display
window at the top @. If login of the

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Table of Contents

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