Folding Spikes; Small Items Holder; Knife Rack; Baking Sheet Spray Head - Siemens SN Series Instruction Manual

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en Utensils
Adjust the height of the etagere as
Position the etagere vertically and
pull upwards.
Push etagere at a slight angle
downwards to the required height
(1, 2, or 3).
Engage etagere.
Etagere "clicks" into position.

Folding spikes *

* Depending on the features of your
F o l d i n g s p i k e s
dishwasher, the spikes can be folded
down. This facilitates arrangement of
pots, bowls and glasses.
Fold down the spikes as follows:
Press lever forwards (1).
Fold down spikes (2).

Small items holder *

* Depending on the features of your
S m a l l i t e m s h o l d e r
dishwasher, the upper basket is fitted
with small items holders. The small
items holders can be used to securely
attach light plastic parts.

Knife rack *

* Depending on the features of your
K n i f e r a c k
dishwasher, the upper basket is fitted
with a knife shelf. Long knives and other
utensils can be placed in the knife shelf.

Baking sheet spray head *

* depending on the features of your
B a k i n g s h e e t s p r a y h e a d
Large trays or grilles as well as large
plates (gourmet plates, pasta plates,
dinner plates) can be cleaned with this
spray head.
Insert the spray head as follows:
Remove upper basket 12.
Insert spray head as illustrated and
turn to the right.
Spray head is engaged.

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Table of Contents

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