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en Utensils
rotation of the two spray arms
1: and 1Z is not obstructed.
To save energy and water, load the
dishwasher to its specified capacity.
Very small items of tableware should
not be washed in the machine as they
may easily fall out of the baskets.

Upper basket

Arrange cups and glasses in the upper
basket 12.
* depending on the features of your
Note: Utensils must not be placed
above the tablet collecting tray 1B.
These may block the lid of the detergent
dispenser and prevent it from opening

Lower basket

Arrange pots and plates in the lower
basket 9*.
* depending on the features of your
Tip: Heavily soiled utensils (pans)
should be placed in the lower basket.
The more powerful spray jet provides a
better dishwashing result.
Tip: Other examples, such as the best
way of loading your dishwasher, can be
found on our homepage. These can be
downloaded free of charge. The
corresponding Internet address can be
found on the back page of these
instructions for use.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents