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To Fill Fuel - Husqvarna 112C5 Workshop Manual

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3. Loosen the dipstick and pull it out.
4. Clean the oil from the dipstick.
5. Put the dipstick back in and tighten it.
6. Loosen and pull the dipstick out and read the oil
7. The oil level must be between the marks on the
dipstick. If the level is near the ADD mark, fill oil to
the FULL mark.
8. Fill the oil through the hole for the dipstick. Fill the oil
Technical data on page 50 for the types
Note: See
of engine oil that we recommend. Do not mix
different types of oil.
9. Tighten the dipstick correctly before you start the
engine. Start and idle the engine for approximately
30 seconds. Stop the engine. Wait 30 seconds and
do a check of the oil level again.

4.9 To fill fuel

WARNING: Gasoline is very flammable. Be
careful and refuel outdoors (see
instructions on page 4 ).
WARNING: Do not use the fuel tank as a
support area.
CAUTION: Incorrect type of fuel can result in
engine damage.
The engine runs on gasoline with a minimum octane
rating of 91 RON (87 AKI), not mixed with oil. We
1342 - 001 - 09.03.2020
recommend biodegradable alkylate gasoline. Do not use
gasoline that contains more than 10% ethanol.
Do a check of the fuel level before each use and
refuel if necessary.
Do not fully fill the fuel tank. Keep a space of a
minimum 2.5 cm.
Special safety
Assembly - 11



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