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Transport Safety; To Safely Attach The Product On A Trailer For Transport - Husqvarna 112C5 Workshop Manual

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Look out for ejecting objects and
Never use the product if persons,
especially children, or animals, are in the
Look behind you before and while you
move the product in reverse.
Never cut grass across a slope. Do not
cut grass on ground that slopes more than
Never carry passengers on the product or
Move forward.
Neutral gear.
Move rearward.
Clutch (112C5).
Choke (For 112C and 112C5).
Parking brake.
The product agrees with the applicable
EC directives.
Noise emission to the environment refer to
the European Community's Directive. The
emission of the product is specified in the
Technical data chapter and on the label.
Always use approved hearing protection.
Stop the engine.
Start the engine.
Engine speed – fast.
1342 - 001 - 09.03.2020
Engine speed – slow.
Max. ethanol 10%.
The blades are engaged.
The blades are disengaged.
Transport position for the cutting deck.
Operation position for the cutting deck.
Oil level.
Note: Other symbols/decals on the product refer to
certification requirements for some commercial areas.

2.6 Transport safety

Use an approved transport vehicle for transportation
of the product.
A markets national or local regulations can set limit
to the transportation of the product.
The operator of the transport vehicle is responsible
to attach the product safely during transport.
2.7 To safely attach the product on a trailer for
WARNING: The parking brake is not sufficient
to lock the product during transport. Attach the
product tightly to the trailer.
Equipment: 2 approved tension belts and 4 wedge
shaped wheel blocks.
1. Apply the parking brake.
2. Attach the tension belts around the frame or rear
3. Tighten the tension belts in the direction of the rear
and the front of the trailer to secure the product.
4. Put the wheel blocks in front of and behind the rear
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