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Husqvarna 112C5 Workshop Manual page 33

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9.3.4 To replace the main fuse
1. Remove the 2 screws and remove the frame cover.
2. Pull the fuse from the holder.
3. Replace the broken fuse with a new fuse of the
same type, flat pin 15 A.
4. Install in the opposite sequence.
If the main fuse breaks again a short period after you
replace it, there is a short circuit in the electrical system.
9.3.5 To remove and install the operator presence
control (OPC)
1. Remove the frame tunnel cover. Refer to
the frame tunnel cover on page 20 .
2. Tilt the seat forward.
3. Remove the battery box. Refer to
install the battery box on page 20 .
4. Remove the frame cover. Refer to
install the frame cover on page 20 .
1342 - 001 - 09.03.2020
5. Remove the screw that holds the spring and spring
6. Disconnect the cable connections from the OPC.
7. Push in the fasteners and remove the OPC from the
To remove
To remove and
To remove and
8. Install in the opposite sequence.
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