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Husqvarna 112C5 Workshop Manual page 28

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4. Make sure that the play between the end of the
clutch cable and the clutch lever is 8–10 mm.
5. Tighten the locknut (B).
9.2.4 To remove and install the engine
1. Remove the battery. Refer to
the battery on page 32 .
2. Remove the frame cover. Refer to
install the frame cover on page 20 .
3. Remove the engine cover. Refer to
engine cover on page 21 .
4. Remove the rear engine cover. Refer to
the rear engine cover on page 22 .
5. Remove the side covers. Refer to
install the side covers on page 21 .
6. Remove the fuel tank cover. Refer to
fuel tank cover on page 21 .
7. Remove the fuel tank. Refer to
install the fuel tank on page 35 .
8. Disconnect the engine pin connector, the ground
cable and the starter motor cable.
28 - Repair instructions
To remove and install
To remove and
To remove the
To remove
To remove and
To remove the
To remove and
9. Disconnect the throttle cable.
10. Remove the muffler.
a) For model 112C, 112C5 refer to
install the muffler (112C, 112C5) on page 29 .
b) For models 115C refer to
the muffler (115C) on page 29 .
11. Remove the engine belt. Refer to
engine belt on page 43 .
12. Remove the 4 screws from the engine block.
To remove and
To remove and install
To replace the
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