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Husqvarna 112C5 Workshop Manual page 37

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6. Remove the rear end of the gear control cable from
the ball joint.
7. Remove the clutch spring.
8. Lift the end of the clutch cable and push it through
the hole in the bracket.
9. Remove the clutch cable from the bracket and the
clamp on the left side of the transmission.
1342 - 001 - 09.03.2020
10. Remove the 4 screws.
11. Install in the opposite sequence.
9.5.4 Hydrostatic transmission cable To adjust the hydrostatic transmission cable
(112C, 115C)
1. Remove the engine side cover on the right side of
the rear carriage. Refer to
side covers 115C on page 21 .
2. Loosen the locknut (A) on the ball joint.
3. Remove the locking spring (B) and remove the ball
joint socket (C) from the ball joint on the lever arm
4. Push and hold the forward pedal fully.
5. Move the lever arm (D) fully forward.
6. Adjust the ball joint socket (C) to the correct position
on the connecting rod (E). The opening on the ball
joint socket (C) must be above the ball joint on the
lever arm (D).
7. Install the ball joint socket (C) on the ball joint.
8. Install the locking spring (B).
9. Tighten the locknut (A).
10. Install the engine side cover.
To remove the engine
Repair instructions - 37



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