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Husqvarna 112C5 Workshop Manual page 30

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WARNING: Do not operate the engine for more
than 1–2 minutes before you drain the engine
oil. The engine oil becomes very hot and can
cause burn injuries. Let the engine become cool
before you drain the engine oil.
WARNING: If you spill engine oil on your body,
clean with soap and water.
1. Put a container below the oil drain plug.
2. Remove the drain plug.
a) If the product has an oil drain plug that can be
opened by hand, open the plastic cap on the end
of the oil drain plug.
b) Attach a plastic hose to the end of the oil drain
plug to prevent spill.
c) Turn the oil drain plug counterclockwise and pull
out to open it.
30 - Repair instructions
3. Remove the dipstick.
4. Let the oil run out into the container.
5. Attach the oil drain plug.
6. Push the oil drain plug in and turn it clockwise to
close it.
7. Remove the plastic hose and put the cap on the oil
drain plug.
8. Turn the oil filter counterclockwise to remove it.
9. Lightly lubricate the rubber seal on the new oil filter
with new oil.
10. Turn the oil filter clockwise by hand until the rubber
seal is in position, then tighten a half turn more.
11. Fill with new oil as given in
50 .
12. Start the engine and let it operate at idle speed for 3
13. Stop the engine and make sure that there are no
14. Fill with oil to make up for the oil held in the new oil
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