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Husqvarna 112C5 Workshop Manual page 22

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Advertisement To remove the rear engine cover
1. Remove the engine cover. Refer to
engine cover on page 21 .
2. Remove the engine side covers. Refer to
the engine side covers 115C on page 21 .
3. Remove the 2 screws (A).
4. Push and hold the catch (B) on one side of the rear
engine cover.
5. Push the catch of the rear engine cover through the
bracket (C).
6. Remove the rear engine cover.
9.1.2 Throttle cable To do a check of the throttle cable
Make sure that the engine speed changes when the
throttle is changed. Do a check that the engine gets the
correct speed at full throttle. See
50 To adjust the throttle cable
Note: The throttle cable looks different on different
engine models.
1. Loosen the clamp screw for the cable casing on the
throttle cable and move the throttle control to the full
throttle position.
2. Make sure that the throttle cable is attached to the
correct hole.
22 - Repair instructions
To remove the
To remove
Technical data on page
3. Pull the cable casing on the throttle cable away from
the hole and tighten the clamp screw.
9.1.3 Parking brake To adjust the parking brake cable (112C, 115C)
WARNING: An incorrectly adjusted parking
brake cable can cause decreased brake
Note: The parking brake cable is correctly adjusted
when there is no play in the cable.
1. Loosen the locknuts (A).
2. Adjust the parking brake cable with the adjustment
screw (B).
3. Tighten the locknuts (A). To adjust the parking brake cable (112C5)
WARNING: An incorrectly adjusted brake can
cause decreased brake capacity.
1. Make sure that the brake lever (A) is vertical. If the
parking brake lever is not vertical, adjust the brake
as follows.
2. Pull the rubber sleeve (B) rearward.
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