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Husqvarna 112C5 Workshop Manual page 23

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3. Loosen the locknut (C).
4. Adjust the nut (D) to until the brake lever (A) is
5. Tighten the locknut (C).
6. Pull the rubber sleeve (B) forward.
7. If the parking brake does not apply after the
adjustment, adjust the parking brake with the screw
(E). To replace the parking brake cable
1. Loosen the spring at the front end of the parking
brake cable.
2. For 112C, 112C5:
a) Remove the spring (A) at the rear end of the
parking brake cable.
b) Remove the brake cable from the brake arm (B).
3. For 115C:
1342 - 001 - 09.03.2020
a) Loosen the locknuts (A).
b) Remove the parking brake cable from the
c) Remove the parking brake cable from the brake
4. Install in the opposite sequence.
5. Do a check of the parking brake cable and adjust if it
is necessary. Refer to
cable (112C5) on page 22 .
9.1.4 Wheel hub To remove and install the wheels
1. Put supports below the product. Refer to
supports below the product on page 6 .
2. Remove the protective cap.
3. Remove the snap ring.
4. Pull off the wheel from the axle.
5. Collect the spacer sleeve and washers from the
6. Install in opposite sequence.
bracket (B).
arm (C).
To adjust the parking brake
CAUTION: The dimension of the spacers and
the number of washers can change between
different wheels. Do not mix parts from different
To put
Repair instructions - 23



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