Configuring The Operating System - HP 9000 300 Series Hardware Configuration Manual

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DDS Tape Drive
Before you start to reconfigure your DDS tape drive, refer to Chapter 3 and 4
1. Shut down your controller's application program and operating system.
2. Turn OFF your controller and unplug all cords and cables from it and any
attached expanders.
3. Access the controller's internal assemblies.
Configuring the Operating System
Refer to your Owner's Guide or other operating system documentation to
configure your operating system for the drive.
Configuring the Hardware
You now have access to the mounting location for the new drive. This section
contains instructions for configuring the new drive and installing it in the
Choose the Device Address. It can be any unused number from 0 to 6. If
you have no preference, use 2 unless it "has been taken.
Configuring Mass Storage Devices 6-17


Table of Contents

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