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1. Plug in your controller's power cord and video cable, then turn on your
monitor and controller.
2. When the keyboard line appears, press
(space bad
a few times to go into
attended mode.
3. Check the interfaces listed on the left-hand side of the screen:
• If the message,
is listed, you have correctly installed the GPIO
Interface .
• If the message above does not appear, check the installation procedure
and configuration settings, making sure there are no select code conflicts
and that the card is firmly seated in an even-numbered slot. If the
message still does not appear, call your HP Service Representative for
Filling Out the Worksheets
The following "Worksheet Entries" contain information needed to use the
GPIO Interface with various language/operating systems. Refer to the table for
the system you'll be using.
Copy this information to a worksheet or simply remember to refer here when
you need it. If you changed the select code, write in your new select code instead
of 12.
When finished, you'll be ready to install your next peripheral or interface.
BASIC System Worksheet Entry.
Table 10-4.
futerface Name
Select Code
Driver Name
HP 98622A
Configuring Popular Accessory Cards


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