High-Speed Hp-Ib Interface Card Select Code Switch Settings - HP 9000 300 Series Hardware Configuration Manual

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3. Set these switches to one of the four select codes given in Figure 10-6, unless
you have used them elsewhere. Refer to the installation note that came with
the interface if you need additional switch settings.
Select Code 23 Select Code 24 Select Code 26 Select Code 30
Figure 10-S.
High-Speed HP-IB Interface Card Select Code Switch Settings
4. Make a note that the select code has been used and is no longer available.
5. Find the new select code's number in the set of select code labels supplied
with the interface. Replace the card's select code label with this new label.
If a number is not available, make a label that looks like the one removed
and stick it on the high-speed HP-IB card.
Setting the Interrupt Level.
If you are not using HP- UX, the interrupt level is preset to 6
and need not be changed. If you will be using HP- UX continue
with this section.
Find the set of nine switches by referring to Figure 10-5. Switches 6 and 7
in this group determine the interrupt level.
2. If using HP-UX, set these switches to interrupt level 4 as shown in
Figure 10-5. To get interrupt level 4, set the left switch to 0 and the right
switch to 1. Do not set any other interface to interrupt level
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