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HP 9000 300 Series Hardware Configuration Manual page 138

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HP 98643A Local Area Network (IEEE 802.3) Interface Card
The HP 98643A Local Area Network (LAN) Interface is used to connect a
controller to a local area network.
Operating System Support
Operating/language system support is as follows:
• BASIC: not supported.
• Pascal System: not supported.
• HP- UX Operating System: supported on revision 5.0 or later with Series 300
Preliminary Requirements
Find out what your application's accessory HP 98643A Local Area Network
(LAN) Interface Card function values need to be set to. The LAN card's
functions that can be configured are:
• Select code.
• Interrupt level.
• Interface type.
Your Local Area Network (LAN) Interface Card must be set to the select code
your networking application requires.
Setting the Configuration Switches
Refer to Figure 10-9 for switch locations.
Note that switch 8 on SW1 is not used.
Configuring Popular Accessory Cards


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