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Setting the System Controller Switch.
Unless you intend to connect two controllers together with this
interface, you can skip to the next set of configuration switches.
The interface is configured to be system controller and need not
be changed.
1. Find the set of nine switches be referring to Figure 10-5. Switch 8 in this
group determines the system controller setting.
2. If connecting two controllers together via HP-IB, only one of them may be
set to system controller. To change this interface to non-system controller,
move the system controller switchshown in Figure 10-5 to the 0 position
(the opposite of that shown).
Note: If you will be connecting a disk drive, printer, plotter or other
peripheral to this interface, and you will be using an HP Series 200/300
operating system, do not set this switch to non-system controller.
Setting the Low jHigh Speed Switch.
The Low/High Speed switch is preset to 0, "high speed," as
shown in Figure 10-5. This setting is appropriate for most
applications. If you want to change this setting, continue with
this section.
Otherwise skip now to the next configuration switch settings.
1. Find the set of nine switches by referring to Figure 10-5. Switch 9 in this
group is the Low/High Speed switch.
2. Set this switch as follows:
• To set this switch to "low speed," set switch 9 to 1, which is opposite of
that shown in Figure 10-5 .
• To set this switch to "high speed," set switch 9 to
as shown in
Figure 10-5.
Configuring Popular Accessory Cards


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