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3.5-in. Flexible Disk Drive
Preliminary Requirements
Before you start to reconfigure your 3.5-in. flexible disk drive, refer to Chapter
3 and 4and:
1. Shut down your controller's application program and operating system.
2. Turn OFF your controller and unplugall cords and cables from it and any
attached expanders.
3. Access the controller's internal assemblies.
Setting the Configuration Jumpers
Although the device is well-protected from physical shock
when installed in the controller, it is very easily damaged when
separate. Avoid dropping or striking the device. Handle it
gently at all times.
Figure 6-3 shows you the configuration jumper locations. Jumpers and their
settings are explained in Table 6-3.
Note the flexible disk drive jumpers are installed as follows:
• Jumpers installed on pins = "in."
• Jumpers removed from pins
Your flexible disk drive jumpers are used opposite to jumpers in
your hard disk drives. For example, the three flexible disk drive
bus address jumpers when set to bus address 0 are all 'in.' The
same hard disk drive address jumpers set to bus address 0 are
all 'out.'
Jumpers 0, 2DS and A through F are factory set and must not
be changed.
Configuring Mass Storage Devices


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