Verification Test - HP 9000 300 Series Hardware Configuration Manual

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Setting the Address and System Controller Switches.
Unless you intend to connect two controllers together with this
interface, you can skip now to the next function. The interface
is factory configured to be system controller at address 21 and
need not be changed.
1. If
connecting two controllers together via HP-IB, only one of them may be
set to address 21. To change the address of this interface, reset switches 0
through 4 in the group of switches labeled U17 as shown in Figure 10-3.
As an example, to change the address from the default setting of 21 to a
new setting of 20, just change switch 0 in this group to 0 (the opposite of
that shown).
2. If connecting two controllers together via HP-IB, only one of them may be
set to system controller. To change this interface to non-system controller,
move the SYS CTL switch shown in Figure 10-3 to the 0 position (the
opposite of that shown).
Note: If you will be connecting a disk drive, printer, plotter or other
peripheral to this interface, and you will be using an HP Series 300
operating system, do not set this switch to non-system controller.
Reinstalling the HP-IB Card
Insert the HP-IB card, component side up, into its slot. Tighten the thumb
screws on the metal end plate until the end plate is flush with the back of the
Verification Test
1. Plug in your controller's power cord and video cable, then turn on your
monitor and controller.
2. When the keyboard line appears, press
[space bad
a few times to go into
attended mode.
10-14 Configuring Popular Accessory Cards


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