Preliminary Requirements; Setting The Configuration Switches - HP 9000 300 Series Hardware Configuration Manual

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HP 98624A HP-IB (IEEE 488) Interface Card
The HP 98624A HP-IB Interface card implements the IEEE 488-1978 Standard
Digital Interface for Programmable Instrumentation. The interface can
communicate with as many as 14 HP-IB compatible instruments, connected
with a maximum of 20 metres of cable (65.6
It has interrupt capabilities
and can carry out DMA transfers via the optional DMA Controller card.
It is a "normal" or "standard" speed HP-IB interface.
Operating System Support
Operating/language system support is as follows:
supported on revision 4.0
later with Series 300 controllers.
• Pascal System: supported on revision 3.1 or later with Series 300 controllers.
• HP-UX Operating System: supported on revision 5.0 or later with Series 300
Preliminary Requirements
Find out what your application's accessory HP-IB interface function values
need to be set to. These functions are:
• Select Code.
• Interrupt level.
• Address and System Controller.
Your HP 98624A HP-IB Interface Card must be set to the values your
application requires.
Setting the Configuration Switches
The HP-IB Interface may be configured in any number of ways depending on
the requirements of your application. Abbreviated instructions are provided
here; refer to the installation manual that came with the interface if you need
more information.
Refer to Figure 10-3 for switch locations.
Configuring Popular Accessory Cards


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