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Nic Teaming With Shared Network Port Configurations - HP HPE iLO 5 User Manual

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With a shared network connection, traffic can hinder iLO performance.
During the server boot process and when the operating system NIC drivers are loading and unloading,
there are brief periods of time (2–8 seconds) when iLO cannot be reached from the network. After
these short periods, iLO communication is restored and iLO will respond to network traffic.
When this situation occurs, the Remote Console and connected iLO Virtual Media devices might be
HPE Server
Server NIC/iLO Shared Network Port
Figure 2: Shared network connection

NIC teaming with Shared Network Port configurations

NIC teaming is a feature you can use to improve server NIC performance and reliability.
NIC teaming constraints
When you select a teaming mode to use when iLO is configured to use the Shared Network Port:
iLO network communications will be blocked in the following conditions:
The selected NIC teaming mode causes the switch that iLO is connected with to ignore traffic from
the server NIC/port that iLO is configured to share.
The selected NIC teaming mode sends all traffic destined for iLO to a NIC/port other than the one
that iLO is configured to share.
Because iLO and the server transmit and receive on the same switch port, the selected NIC teaming
mode must allow the switch to tolerate traffic with two different MAC addresses on the same switch
port. Some implementations of LACP (802.3ad) will not tolerate multiple MAC addresses on the same
Hewlett Packard Enterprise NIC teaming modes
If your server is configured to use Hewlett Packard Enterprise NIC teaming, observe the following
Network Fault Tolerance
The server transmits and receives on only one NIC (the primary adapter). The other NICs (secondary
adapters) that are part of the team do not transmit server traffic and they ignore received traffic. This
mode allows the iLO Shared Network Port to function correctly.
Select the NIC/port iLO uses as the Preferred Primary Adapter.
NIC teaming with Shared Network Port configurations
Management Clients
Production Clients



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